PayPal Customer Service Email |How to contact PayPal by Email

PayPal Customer Service Email |How to contact PayPal by Email

PayPal customer service email is established by PayPal to enable you to contact them when you have a question. Or you want to make a report.

Paypal customer service email

Most of us are aware of PayPal.  PayPal is a podium created to carry out payment service. Now PayPal which was once joined with the online auction site eBay has become a worldly accepted method of payment both online and off.

PayPal Client Service Email

PayPal let its client send or receive payment for online auctions at eBay and other online stores. Alslo, to make purchase or sell goods and services. Users can  make or receive donations, exchange cash with someone.

And as well, send money to anyone with an email address .  even so, PayPal has had some problem with fraud, lawsuits, and zealous government regulators and this is where PayPal client service email comes in.

It let you report any unusual activities in your account.

How to contact PayPal by email

Well, you can contact PayPal by email and you can also do this by logging in or not logging into your account.

  • Open PayPal account.
  • Move to the contact page and at the bottom of the page and  tap on the contact link .It’ll redirect  you  to the help center.
  • Tap on the email us button.
  • Select a heading and subheading and type your message.
  • Lastly, press the send button.

Also, go through the heading and subheading before you press send, then a customer representative from PayPal will answer you.

Paypal scams

Though PayPal has provided security for its customers but still, they can’t do it alone and this is where you as a user come in. As a buyer or a seller they’re many you need to know and also report to PayPal so that it can be solved.

Mind you, scammers are those that will many processes and appear as PayPal while they aren’t PayPal.

Below is how to find out scams.

Simple ways to find out PayPal scam

PayPal s one of the best leading online money transfer services and for that many scammers come to PayPal users to fraud them of their money.

Below are some common PayPal scams
  • Phishing website.
  • Fake email. These emails are sent to you and it looks as if  they are from PayPal but aren’t.
  • The inexistent shipping company. This scammer’s employ to get a hold of your money is to fraud you into using alternative shipping service instead of regular ones.
  • Overpayment ruse. This is possible by paying more than the amount for goods and when you have to refund them then the money they’ll make a complaint to PayPal saying it wasn’t them that did the purchase.
  • Fake hyperlink scam.

Above are the common PayPal scams for you to beware of and be careful.