Photography business | 3 Keys to building successful Photography business

Photography business | 3 Keys to building successful Photography business

Photography business is really cool and paying if you do it professionally and adhere to the rules guiding the business as stated here to achieve success in your Photography business.

Photography business

Understanding your business from a very personal perspective. Stop comparing yourself with another photographer who is just doing an amazing job. You need to have to place a goal on yourself.

Have a team and build a business that’ll sustain you and your workers. You don’t have to shoot business you don’t have money.

 The 3 major keys for a successful Photography business

1.    Structure– Organizing and documenting the day to day running of your business in a way that anyone can run it with it.

It’s the foundation of the business. The higher the foundation, the stronger the business or a building. It’s not enough to take amazing pictures, If you don’t care of the structure, you may crash at the end. Your back end helps you to grow.

Importance of structure In Photography business

•     It gives you freedom

•     Maximizes time

•     Create customer service delivery that results in bookings

•     Team building-encourages business growth faster through

•     Problem solving

An indication that you need a Proper business structure

•     You do everything

•   Having a team that frustrates you more provide help you

•     You have many other ideas with much to do, and you can’t execute them

•     Without you nothing can move forward

•     Your clients love your work but constantly complain about the service delivered. Maybe always late and not meeting your deadline for job delivery.

Basic start up Tips for Photography business

•     Start with your why

•     write out everything that you do in your business

•     List out subsections of every category

•     Make a record of the steps you take towards each success in your business.

2. Pricing

Common Mindsets

•     Don’t have the mindset that you need to charge more or less because of what another photographer is charging

•     Experience level: Never say you’re still growing that it’ll take you some time to get to a level or charge a particular amount.

•     The Money block trap. Don’t think that no one can afford the price in your location.

•     The imposter trap-How dare you to charge this amount? You can afford it. What if they go to another photographer?

What to know about pricing

•     know that your value isn’t determined by anyone

•     Pricing isn’t about the money in the bank

•    know that  You are not your price

•     You aren’t called to serve everyone. This is because you don’t know the arrangement and what is involved in the business negotiations. It means that everybody isn’t your clients.

Pricing model

•     Determine your cost of living; what does it take you to live the way you do

• Fathom how you do your business, how you spend keeping your business and active day running of your business, equipment, time, rent, fuel, etc.

•     Determining your cost of sales, how much does it cost for internet, software, cloud services, etc.

•     How many shoots can you along or with your team comfortably do in a year.

1+2+3 = money you need to survive as a business owner every day

Day x30/31=monthly survival amount

Monthx12=minimum amount you need to make

Thriving and profitability =survival x2/3/4/5

Note:  People are known by Value and brand.

You’re what you believe yourself to be. There must be someone out there to afford your service. It depends on what you want and how much you want to achieve.

3. Marketing

Why no/wrong marketing killing your business

•     think your images are all that matter?, So someone interested would see it and just hit the call button

•     Equating likes on images as to how people will book you

•     Your would begin and ends on Instagram and you’re not interested in how you do your work

•     Maybe You don’t know that people depend on your services to survive

•     It’s not all about you.

How to Market Your Photography

•     Get over yourself-It not about you and you’re not your brand. You need to market out there to serve. It’s not about your mood or how you feel.

•     Define your market- Be specific as you can be in your marketing. This means finding your niche. Define you want to serve. If you don’t do this, you won’t know how to reach them.

Marketing channels

•     Email marketing Google ads, websites, Facebook ads, etc.

•     Focus on the numbers. You have to market to a great number of people so that you can have people to patronize you after all the marketing strategies employed.

•     Position your values-Talk from the point of value

•     Be intentional, consistent with giving relevant content to your audience.

It’s not only about money; it’s about content and solving problems.

Learn how to improve and how to do things better. Structure in your Photography business makes you think ahead of time. What kind of client you do want? High end or low-end clients.

You might be broke through an amazing photographer if you’re not doing business rightly.


Note | Experience doesn’t make u better but what you do with your experience. So, take action! Action is a very fundamental aspect of successful persons.

Structures| means how the studio runs from start to finish. How to join the team, edit, post, and run the business. For marketing, networking is very important in marketing your products. However, you must be strategic in your marketing. It’s a way of expanding your connection. When you attend network connecting seminars and events, you can talk about what you do to other people.