Pinterest Business Account – How to Create a pinterest Account

Pinterest Business Account – How to Create a Pinterest Account

 Do you want your business to be great and have a great social media influence and get to your targeted audience fast? Then, Pinterest Business account is the way-forward.


Pinterest is  a fast rising  attractive option for businesses to grow faster online. It’s very important if you   sell products or services that are visually powerful.

Having a Pinterest business account will be a great tool to establishing your business. All you need is to set up a Pinterest business account and create your first board and the rest is history.

Why Pinterest Business account?

Presently, there’re a lot of social media platform all over the internet world. However, one amazing thing about them is that they all have their own forms and features. So, Pinterest account is a unique one which holds a lot of amazing features . It makes users enjoy the service platform. The Pinterest account is the service platform you  most follow, in other to have access to their account.

Pinterest is a very good media service platform that connects people from all over the world. Irrespective of location, tribe, status, career, and interest.

However, some other media service platforms offer the similar feature as Pinterest.Though, the unique thing about Pinterest is that it has a profound way of delivering their services to their users. And it makes their users have a nice time accessing their account.

In addition, it has  other features you can find on the platform. It has  two types of account found on the Pinterest platform. The Personal and Business account.

Features on the Pinterest account Homepage Pinterest App

One classic feature of the homepage is the display contents on the homepage wall. Its contents are connected to all the interest areas, the user chooses when creating the Pinterest account.

Other explore features users will find all amazing categories such as  what is trending like  food, home, men style, DIY, travels, humor, animals and more. However, whatever a user is cut out for, he or she will find it in any of this category.

The User profile icon is one feature one could find on the homepage platform. From here, the user can make set up on his or her account and edits as well. It also enables the user to  see his or her interest point.

Another is the message icon which users can use to compose and send messages to other users.

Steps to Create the Pinterest Account

Before you can access the Pinterest account the user needs to follow some few procedures to get this done.

First is to enter the Pinterest URL Then, tap the enter button.  As soon as the Pinterest homepage appears with a concise form for users to fill in their details to sign up.

The user needs to fill in their email user address and a preferred password which is strong enough not to guess. This process is what a user can use in accessing the Pinterest account.

Once the address process is completed and the user has pushed the enter key, the creation process begins.

Then the user will have to make some startups choice such as confirming gender, country, and areas the user is interested in as well.

Following the last step which is for the user to select to get a handy browser. This browser can help the user to access the web. You can still choose to ignore the browser step and skip it out.

At the end of the process, the user sees an upload bar loading up and when it’s completed the users account is open for the user to access. Other little instructions will still be shown to the user to give users some knowhow on how it operates.

Steps to create Pinterest Business account

If you want to sign up for a Pinterest business account you have to visit the Pinterest business page. Once you’re there, enter the basic details.

It includes your description and location. This will enable people who search on Pinterest or Google to find you easily find you and follow.

Confirming your website

There’s an option for  you to confirm your website site. Here, you can track the content  people pin from your site. After this, click on the ‘finish button.

Finding other users to follow

After creating your account, proceed to finding other users to follow. When you do this, some will follow you back.

Getting a browser button

It’s an option for you to get a ‘Pin it’’ button to pin any content from any website you visit.

Start creating your own Boards

Boards are the areas you can save and share the content you ‘pin’. You can have one or more depending on the interest your business represents. To create  boards, go to your profile and you’ll see a link to create a board.

Then, choose the description of the board  and the relevant thing  you want to post on it.


After creating your board, the next thing is to  start adding pins to them.