Pixlr | Free Online, Offline Photo Editor | Download Pixlr Express App

Pixlr | Free Online, Offline Photo Editor | Download Pixlr Express App

Pixlr is a web image tool, which incorporates different features such as; photo editors, screen grabber. Plus it also offers a photo-sharing service. The program was developed for non-professionals. The apps range from simple to advanced photo editing.


So,  users can, therefore, use the app on their smartphones and PCs and even Tablets with the mobile app. The editing site is base on an internet ‘paint’ feature which is identical to online image manipulation software like Sumo Paint.

Is Pixlr Free?

Most online users who like to use this photo editor do ask if this photo editing tool is free. Yes, it’s free and you’ll use it either offline or online if you wish.

More so, you’ll be able to easily locate the tool in your internet browser like Google Chrome, etc.

Features of Pixlr App

Here we are going through the number of the features users can see on the app.

The Pixlr Editor: The editor works in layers, replaces color, transforms objects, and more- all from your browser.

Pixlr Express: Here, you’ll apply a fast fix or add a private touch with creative effects, borders, and overlays.

Pixlr Entering texts: once you are using this app and you discover out you have got a difficulty using this tool to enter text,

The issue may stem from the settings of your browser. This type of complaint is common to Firefox and Chrome users who use Incognito or Private Browsing modes that are denied of entering texts.

From the results of those reports, it appears that the private browsing modes conflicts with Flash i.e. Pixlr builds its editors in the flash.

There are plans by the corporation to create improvements in a future version of the Pixlr photo editor app. But before then, the corporation is advising users to change to the browser version.

How to Download Pixlr Express App

Users can easily download the express app and use it online or offline. Therefore, to use it offline, you should download the app for android or iOS devices.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to download the application on Google Chrome, Windows, and Mac PC or better still download the Pixlr Application.

  • To download this, go to the App Store in your device.
  • Type the name of the app and search.
  • It will then bring out the app for you to download to your device.
  • Click on the app and download it.
  • After downloading it ensure you put in it and follow the setup process to start out using it.

Creating Collage with Pixlr App

  • Pixlr Express for web and Pixlr Express on mobile devices have a handy collage feature. Also, this permits users to use up to 25 images and switch them into a collage.
  • The simplest method to using this feature is to travel straight to Pixlr Express on the net.
  • Then upload the photographs of your choice and mess around with the settings.
  • There are some things users have to fathom the collage tool such include;
  • You can also edit photos individually in this app Express if you wish and users can do this by clicking on the paintbrush editing icon.
  • Users can drag their photos from collage box to rearrange them.
  • The end size of your collage image depends on the ratio of your final image i.e. the peak and width ratio.
  • The collage feature isn’t available on desktop presently.

How to Create a Pixlr account

You mustn’t create an account with the photo Editor before you’ll use the app.

Users desiring a quick and free means to retouching photos or make banners have to open an account on Pixlr.

As long as it involves saving your work, then the user must create an account.

  • Visit the web site with www.pixlr.com and follow the sign-up steps.
  • Click on the signup caption on the homepage.
  • Enter your Email address and password.

Note: As we said before, users don’t have to create an account before they’ll start creating their photos. But before a user can save their work they’ll create an account.