Putlocker movies | Putlocker watch free movies online

Putlocker movies | Putlocker watch free movies online

The Putlocker Movies: They’re so many movies on this site that you can download. Putlocker site was one of the most active sites that people love visiting. And this because it’s free and affordable. But because of some piracy policies, it was blocked several times.

putlocker movies

Piracy has so many times affected the global entertainment industry. What is piracy? It’s a crime that is committed when content is streamed or downloaded without propel permissions. Before you stream any movie or videos, you must collect permission from the copyright holders.

Piracy and Putlocker-Putlocker movies

Putlocker has been noticed to be a piracy site, with our explanation we believe you already know the meaning of piracy. These sites have been blocked several times by copyright agencies because of piracy.

This site has been operational in different countries and it was first originated in the UK. Since then it has been active and okay until it was blocked.

Some network Used for Putlocker

After this site was shut down, we have another site that was created and it functions like the old one. Below is some of the site.

  1. Putlockers. me
  2. the Putlockers. cr
  3. Putlockers. to
  4. Putlockerstv. to

All this and more are some of their sites, each time their site is blocked, they open another site. We’ve made out time to visit this site and we also tried to click on a video there. Each time we click on a video, it’ll bring out some options that we’ll be showing you below.

  • The site will ask you to create an account before watching any video on the site.
  • The website will redirect you to a large full-screen advertisement.
  • It’ll redirect you to another website, and it’ll ask you to enable browser notification before counting. However, you’ll find some adult ads on the site and it’s always discouraging.

This site is not considered legal because of copyright law. You might think it’s right to access this site and download from there, well it’s not right. This is because anything you do on the site is considered to be illegal. Even a person who doesn’t know about this law will also be considered guilty.

And this is the main reason for this article to clarify things you need to know about this site. It’ll help you not to fall victim to getting things that are considered to be illegal.

Things you should know about Putlocker

Some persons can’t some using this app and this because it offers some beautiful benefit such as fewer charges. Those who visit this site are not always charged and this is because the site is free. However, before you think of visiting the site these are the things you should think of first.

  1. Malware

It’s good to note that many sites that operate outside the edge of the law will often resort to using questionable methods to get income. The content of this site is full of URL redirects, pop-up ads, and display banners that can affect your browser or your device.

Any pop-up ads that have Malware can easily infect your computer. However, this can be very annoying, because it always redirects a foreign site on what to do.

  1. Legality

 The illegal act activities on this site might not stop people from using it, but won’t be free from consequences when you’re caught. So many countries find it offensive for one to visit this site because of the copyright law that revolves it.

However, accessing a copyrighted movie from the site is considered an offense. So you need to avoid the further use of the site, they’re other relative sites that can serve.

The precaution you should take

If you must use a pirate site like putlocker then you should consider this thing below.

The use of VPN

Now, what is a VPN? This is a virtual private network; this simply means that your internet traffic is rerouted. They can be rerouted through one or more proxy servers. Has the advantage of using a PVN is that your IP address your online identity will be hidden from the authorities. This means your movement or activities on the site can’t be traced.

The use of Malware protection

Because the infection malware passes to a device, it’s very good to use trusted antivirus software that operates in the background. Antivirus program activates fast when you point your browser to putlocker. This action will reveal to you how questionable this site is.

The entire guide provided in this article is for you to take precautions and know what to do on different occasions. Don’t forget this site contains some virus that might damage your device if you don’t handle it with care. Follow the information in this article, it’ll guide you through.

List of some Legal Putlocker Alternatives-Putlocker movies

YouTube TV: This one of the most expensive streaming services, you watch videos or movies on this platform it’ll cost you much. It’s one of the safest streaming platforms that we’re recommending for you.

It contains different movies and videos and it gives you access to a different network. These networks are FOX, ESPN, ABC, and CBS. This YouTube tv is only available within the united states, this means it’s not for everyone.

Sling TV-Putlocker movies

It functions more like youtube, it gives you access to the different television networks and it’s only available in the US. One beautiful thing about this service is that you can combine certain channels rather than taking all channels.

You can watch Sling tv outside the US only by using PVN and buying gift cards. It might be expensive but you’ll enjoy it.


This works more like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime, it’s an online subscribed-based screaming app. It offers so many different shows and movies. This service is one of the best and functional streaming services.

Finally, Note that every alternative work in every country, some of these streaming service function only within the US, while some can function anywhere you need to note it works and how you can use it. To avoid transferring viruses from putlocker to your device, you can use any of these alternatives.