QuickBooks for Small Business Marketing-Quickbooks online


QuickBooks for Small Business Marketing-Quickbooks online

There are so many business owners searching for ways to market their businesses. With QuickBooks, your business is already at the top of the marketing board.


Just as people are looking for platforms to help them with their businesses, they haven’t thought of QuickBooks.

How to Use QuickBooks For Business

This is one of the best platforms for every business owner to make use of in other to rank his or her business. There is more to learn about. Quickly,I’ll be telling or explaining to you what QuickBooks truly is.


In order to know how to use QuickBooks for your business, you need to know what QuickBooks is first. According to Wikipedia, it’s a website for developed accounting package and marketing by Intuit.

It’s products are geared towards small and also medium-sized businesses and also render on-premises accounting applications.

QuickBooks for Small Business with Payroll

The QuickBooks for small business reviews has told us so much about how you can advertise your business. Speaking of QuickBooks for small businesses with payroll is referring to the paycheck.

You can simply make payments to your team and make use of powerful tools, benefits of the employee, with supportive experts with the help of the online payroll service.

QuickBooks for Small Business Cost

This is talking about  the pricing. You’re free to pick your price depending on the plan you want to register for.QuickBooks has three pricing plans you can pay for;

simple start which is $4.50 per month.

Essentials $6.90/month.

Plus $9.30/month.

Above are the pricing plans for QuickBooks and they all have a free 30-day trial and after that, your payment will start counting. All the things you’ve seen are not all the things on the platform, it also provides a special offer of about 70% off, a cloud accounting as well.

For Small Business Accounting Download

QuickBooks also has an app you can download on your device like your desktop and smartphones. Downloading the app is easy, the only thing is that you need to follow some steps.

You’ll be provided with the link to download the app. All you need to do is to follow the instructions on it in other to download the app.

For Desktops

  • Below are the steps to download the app on your desktop;
  • Click on the link QuickBooks Download and access the following.
  • Go through the note in the box and choose from the options; Yes, No, or Not sure.
  • The next thing to do is click next.
  • Choose your country from the list given; United States (US), Canada (CA), United Kingdom (UK). This is to tell you that you’re only allowed to use this platform if you’re from the listed countries.

Choose your product by selecting from the list in the drop-down menu.

Then choose a version, the version there is talking about a year.

When you are done, click search and then click on the download. On the download page, you’ll also see some other information on how to install and activate the QuickBooks app on your desktop.

For Smartphones

We’ve talked about downloading the app on desktops, right now it’s time for smartphone users. Follow the steps below to download the app;

Visit your app store; Google plays store for those with Android-phone, while those using iOS smartphones access your app store or iTunes store.

Next is to search for the app by typing “QuickBooks”.

Then click the button  “Install” after searching and clicking on the app.

On-time, the app will be installed on your smartphone.

QuickBook  Account

In order to know how to use QuickBooks for my small business, you need to create an account first. The account is what will give you access to the platform and for you to use your business on it.

  • Visit intuit.com using your browser.
  • After that, you’ll find yourself on the site homepage.
  • It’s time to create the account.
  • Choose your pricing by clicking on the free 30-days trial again. You can as well click the “Buy Now” button and it’ll also take you to the sign-up page.
  • Type in your email on the first box.
  • Then your first and last name, then your mobile number and password.

When you’re done with the boxes, you can now click on “Start Free Trial” to create the account. Now you’ve to start talking about your business by filling all the boxes on the other page with the information they all required. To complete the process you just have to follow all the instructions given to you, before you know it you’re done creating your account.