Recaptcha V2 |  google Recaptcha v2 Features -Website security


Recaptcha V2 |  google Recaptcha v2 Features -Website security

The Recaptcha v2 –Recaptcha is an app design you need for your website to check spambots. It’s a common text on a website that helps to dictate scams and fraud in the site.

REcaptcha v2

Recaptcha v2 is one of the upgraded apps discovered for the same purpose. This app was created by Google and often time’s google has been upgrading and improving the site.

The user solves it and then the answer is returned to the admin, which must be entered in the appropriate field to solve the captcha.

The purpose of the continued development in the site is for users to have their desired environment to operate in. Recaptcha v2 is hard on humans and easy on robots, most websites are using the v2 app.

However, this app was launched in 2014. Before a website user will have access to the app, he or she would have to pass some text.

This text is majorly a text on the user to know if he or she is a robot or not. You can freely have access to your site if pass the text.

How to solve ReCaptcha V2

  1. Click to open the developer’s console in your browser and find an element with the data-site key attribute.

Send site key and page URL to 2Captcha API and wait for the result. In the developer’s console, find the text area and put the received code.

Then, submit the form.

You can see the process of solving the normal captcha as follows…

  • The image of the captcha is being replaced and transferred to the app’s service. The invisible Recaptcha badge doesn’t allow users to press a checkbox but rather the user should click on an existing button on the site.
  • The existing button on the site helps call forth the presence of a JavaScript-API

However, you can also edit your site protection selection in advanced settings to adjust this behavior.

Why Are CAPTCHAs Used?

This app can be used anywhere, it helps a website that wants to prevent their article from fraud and abuse.

Anyone with good programming knowledge can set up an automated programs for example ‘’robot’’ that perform work fast than humans.

Most captcha filters out a lot of computer-generated requests.

Examples of negative behavior that CAPTCHAs helps to prevent.

  • Create an email account for spamming purposes.
  • Buy a lot of limited-supply goods, like concert tickets, to later scalp them
  • Sign up for forums or use contact forms to send spam.
  • These processes and similar situations give room for this app to function properly. Most persons use them every time you create a new account.
  • Search for Google’s reCAPTCHA admin page.
  • Then Register your site.
  • Wait until you get a site key and secret key then
  • Choose the “reCAPTCHA v2” + “Checkbox” type.
  • Copy the key pair into the WordPress admin screen of the site you registered.
  • Click on the admin menu Contact > Integration.
  1. Search for the reCAPTCHA panel and click Configure Keys.

2.Save the site key and secret key into the fields

3.Lastly, put a placeholder for the app’s widget and put your contact form content.

The app’s placeholder is a form-tag and it functions like other form-tags by supporting several options.


theme:(theme)  theme: dark The color theme of the widget. Available values are dark and light. The default value is light.

size:(size)     size: compact      The size of the widget. Available values are compact and normal. The default value is normal.

id:(id)    id: foo id attribute value of the widget.

class:(class) class: bar class attribute value of the widget. To set more than one class, you can use multiple class: option, like [recaptcha class:y2008 class:m01 class:d01].

Available options for Recaptcha

The two implementations of reCAPTCHA v2

  1. Checkbox
  2. Invisible.

Checkbox This is the type of v2 that requires the user to answer the security question before submission.

invisible this v2 helps to check every interaction the user makes in the site as specified on the page.

On every interaction with each of these implementations, the app will make the user go through a challenge if it deems them suspicious.

When interacting with reCAPTCHA, it will let you through without prompting any form of verification.

This happens because the app does some checks based on some factors to consider if you’re suspicious enough to be a threat.

So how is this useful? What happens when the reCAPTCHA challenge has been done?

When the web page sends a message to a back-end service, it’s because the app wants to verify that whoever sends the message is not a robot.

The web page usually receives a token from google Recaptcha when a challenge is completed.

This token can then be passed along to the back-end with the rest of the intended request.

However, each time the back-end receives the request, it will contain the usual contents of the request and the app’s captcha token.

When this is done, it will verify the token with reCAPTCHA and it’ll tell the back-end whether the request was passed or not.

If passed then the verification challenge can process the request as normal.

Importance of reCAPTCHA v2

  • It provides a built-in verification challenge.
  • It also makes verification challenge fast if the behavior is suspicious.
  • This app gives a pass or failure result for the verification challenge.
  • It’s good for simple robot protection on forms.

Advantages of Recaptcha V2 are:

  • 1. It provides a Smooth experience with a captcha.
  • 2. It has many options for the captcha, i.e., Image, audio, depending on the one you want to use.
  1. While implementing the new google Recaptcha V2, I had some problems because there is no documentation provided on the Recaptcha website.

Before you can use this app, you will first of all register, at login or create a new account.

Then click on “Register a new site” and insert your domain name and title.

When you’re done, you will get two keys.

  1. Site key: This key is used in HTML which server to the user means the front end.
  2. Secret key: This key is majorly for communication between Google server and website it should be secret.

When you’ve got the keys, you’ll have to migrate to the site key through HTML.

When you’ve completed that stage, paste the javaScript snippet code in the head section of your end HTML.

Copy Code

<head id=”Head1″ runat=”server”>

<title>Admin Login:WPC</title>

<link href=”style.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” />

<script type=”text/javascript”