Roaman’s Credit Card | Application of Roaman Credit Card

Roaman’s Credit Card | Application of Roaman Credit Card

The Roaman’s shoppers now have a Roaman credit card that gives rewards. Cardholders get reward with their card every time they shop.

roaman credit card

The credit card is provided by comenity bank. It’s made for the purpose of fashion lovers to give them reward as they shop with their card. Nevertheless, unique birthday unaccepting is given to cardholders and as well, free shipping about four times a year.

Therefore, this special card doesn’t have a yearly fee put in it, in other words, card users are not asked to pay yearly fees for their card.

The  Roaman’s Credit Card

Roaman’s credit card is provided to give women quality fashion without compromising. Everything you need that has to do with fashion is available at Roaman’s, for instance, underwear for quality accessories and more.

The credit card is issued with awesome card membership merit that makes the card outstanding for the fashion lovers.

  • The card comes without a year fee charge.
  • The reward is available for cardmembers every time they shop. $10 rewards is provided for every 200 points gotten at a full beauty brand. 1 point made from every $1 spent with your card.
  • You can as well, enjoy free shipping for about 4times a year at (lowers purchase of $75).
  • The card gives exclusive cardmember to customer’s telephone numbers only.
  • A unique birthday unaware package. Roaman’s will send you a reward for the order you made on your birth month.
  • Shared shopping which helps you to shop the brand of your choice within Roaman’s, Jessica London, Ellos, kingsize, Brylanehome,, and swimsuits for all.

These and more are the enjoyment you are likely to partake in Roaman’s credit card.

Application of Roaman’s credit card

Follow the below direction to apply for Roaman’s credit card.

Fire up your browser to .

  • Press the ‘apply now ‘button.
  • Move to the personal details part and put in your: first name, middle initial, last name, suffix, SSN, date of birth, and yearly income.
  • Then to the next section or Part which is contact information phrase. Put in your zip code, street number, suite, or Apartment if you want, city, state. Fill your email address, when you are through, check the email address mobile phone.
  • Put authorized buyers to your account.
  • Type in referral code, if you want.
  • Click on the ‘continue ’button to go further with your application.

As you click on the ‘continue ’button, you’ll follow the instruction on what to do to complete your application.

How to login

In other to log in successfully below is the necessary information you need to achieve that.

  • Go to
  • Type in your username and password.
  • In other to stay sign in, just tap the ‘ Remember me ‘box.
  • Press the sign-in button to control your account.

Therefore, to manage your account online is very easy.

 The activation of Roaman’s credit card

In other, to activate your  Roamans Credit Card

You have to enroll in online management.

  • Fire on your browser to
  • Tap on the register for the access button.
  • Put your account number.
  • Type in the last four digits of your social security number and zip code.
  • Click on the ‘find my account’ link.
  • Move to the activation card link and press it and continue the instruction to activate your card.

In as much as you’re are through, your Card has been activated.

Recovery of your username and password

In other to recover your detail below are the easy ways to that.

  • Go to
  • Navigate to the section provided to fill it.
  • Put in your account number.
  • Zipcode or postal code.
  • Type your last four numbers of your SSN.
  • Lastly, tap on ‘find my account.

That’s how you recover your account.

How to make a payment on Roaman’s credit card

  • To pay online via the card’s secure card website.
  • Pay through your bank.
  • By email through the email address of your credit card.
  • By calling the card phone number and provide the agent with your checking and routing number.
  • The above is the information you need to make your payment.

The customer care

Finally, comenity doesn’t give an app, Never the less, customers can access their account at any time of the day from online accounts. Thus they support which is always on form 8 am-9 pm and also by email.