Russian Government Scholarships 2021-2022: Russian scholarships

Russian Government Scholarships 2021-2022: Russian scholarships

Hey! Are you looking for scholarships overseas? You are missing out if you are not reading this post. Thus, Russian Government Scholarships 2021-2022 are ongoing. All you got to do now is to know how to go about it.

russian government scholarships 2021-2022

Guess what? This opportunity is open for international students. Of course, you want do something of value and classy, then you should focus on this page.

  • Do you know? Russian government issues about 15,000 to 18,000 slots for foreigners and Russian living abroad. Thus, this happens yearly. So, you dare not miss this one now.
  • Do you know? That you can gain two diplomas at a time as a graduate under the Russian government scholarship!
  • Do you know? The cost of living is low. Of course, that should attract you to the Russian Government Scholarship.
  • This is just the tip of it. We will get into the full details below the page.

Russian Government Scholarships 2022 – What You Should Know

To get scholarships under the Russian Government to studying in Russia covers a lot of things. Yes! You may not have known this before now. But, if you are reading this post then it must be a privilege to see this.

What and what does the Russian Government Scholarship cover?

Here is a popular meth people talk about. Hey! All these scholarships are not true! Now, hear it from the right source to clear your doubt.

Russian Government scholarship covers

  • Free tuition for the whole stay of the program
  • Monthly maintenance allowance of RUB 1,484, which is the same as 22 USD
  • Sometimes, dormitory accommodations are granted to international students if available
  • For postgraduates, the monthly allowance is RUB 2,921 which is equivalent to 42 USD
  • As a graduate under internships in a professional career, you are entitled to dormitory accommodation in the university without monthly allowances
  • To improve your knowledge of the Russian language, a pre-course will be handled by the Russian government scholarship to improve your study in Russia
  • You will undertake mathematics, physics, Biology, etc
  • If you fail your pre-course examination then your free tuition and grant will be canceled

Who Can Apply For a Russian Government Scholarship?

This question has gone through and still going on in the minds of international students. Thus, “Who can apply For Russian Government Scholarships? Everyone! But, not everyone will be granted scholarships. Why? The reason is simple.

To qualify for Russian government scholarships:

  • You must have the appropriate educational level degree required
  • Pass the competitive selections in your own country

With these, you can enroll for the Russian government scholarship following the guideline to doing that. Besides, this does not consider your age so anyone can apply. But, that also means that master’s degree courses will require you to complete your secondary education. Likewise Ph.D., you must have your master’s degree as proof.

How to Apply to Russian Government Scholarship

What do you know about the ongoing application for international students who study in Russia? Secondly, which university are you applying for and what course?

These are the things you should bear in mind when you are applying for a scholarship to study in Russia. However, if you have settled this in your mind, we have a guide on what the scholarship looks like. That is, all concerning tuition, accommodation, allowance and so on.

Do well to visit the university’s website to enquire about the scholarships available on the course you want to study. If there is, hang on and enroll in the scholarship program. Of course, a form will be presented to you to fill. Thus, fill it up and submit it.

Requirements for applying for Russian Government Scholarship

  • Your educational level and the Russian language level
  • Copies of your passport or birth certificate
  • Documents proving your current educational level (Submit to the representative or the Russian embassy)
  • Medical certificate which includes HIV test result
  • A registration ID for tracking application status

Deadline for applying for the Russian Government Scholarship

Annually, the application for the Russian scholarship begins mid-June and ends every Ist October. So, you should be able to start up your application on time so you can process it fast. Moreover, ensure you employ the hand of experts to help you out if you are lost.