Scotland Saltire Scholarship: Scholarship with Free Visa- how to apply

Iip for international students.  Applicants should note that this scholarship program is in collaboration with Scottish Universities. However, the Scottish Government has created a Scottish scholarship for all the foreign students that would love to travel to Scotland and study. This academic scholarship award will help you to get to your dream. Also, you’ll find yourself trained in the field of study you have concentrated in.

scotland saltire scholarship

Scotland Saltire’s scholarship brings students that wish to be influential leaders anywhere they find themselves. This scholarship offers not less than 50 different awards to students from Canada, India, Hong Kong, China, the USA, Pakistan, and Japan. Only the citizens of these countries are qualified to apply and get an effective response from the desk of scholarship organizers.

Scotland Saltire Scholarship

Note that this scholarship program is an English-based scholarship that requires every applicant to demonstrate good or satisfactory skills in English. However, you must have a good English proficiency test before your scholarship will be taken and considered.

All intended applicants are highly demanded to apply before the due date. So make sure you apply for this scholarship before the required date.

If you are interested in this scholarship, make sure that you apply for a program offered in the university.  This will help you get enrolled in a course program existing in the university. Also, the field, of course, you should enroll in must be recognized by any of Scotland Saltire’s participating universities. Applicants should put and discover other requirements so as to apply for Scotland’s Saltire scholarship now.

What can you Study?

Students are blessed with the opportunity of choosing coursework available in the university of choice. There’re different varsities that moved into collaboration with Scotland’s Saltire. So choose one of the universities and check their required courses so that you’ll discover the availability of your choice.

Some Participating Universities for Scotland Saltire Scholarship

I believe you’ll be looking forward to discovering higher education institutions that moved into partnership with this scholarship. Well, it’s very simple as you’re provided with the website. Also, you’ll find a URL that will take you directly to the list of universities participating. However, to find out, visit

List of Some Eligible Nationalities – Scotland Saltire Scholarship

Get ready to see the full list of countries that their citizens are eligible to apply for Scotland Saltire’s scholarship. If you’re not from the below-listed countries, make sure to extract yourself from the program application.

However, dual citizenship that has either of these countries as one of their citizenship can go for this award. These are some of the countries that are qualified to apply for this scholarship program. If you’re from any of the listed countries below, you can apply.

  • China.
  • Japan.
  • Hong Kong is inclusive.
  • Pakistan.
  • The USA.
  • Canada.

These are all the eligible countries, if I may ask are you eligible? With this you can now determine it by yourself.

Scholarship Benefits

All applicants that accept the scholarship will receive £8000 towards their tuition fees and other academic costs for the full year of their master’s program. It’s only Masters Applicants that are worthy to make it through this evaluation.

Qualification Criteria for Aspiring Entrants

It’s very important you take proper note of the requirements of this scholarship program. Once you know the requirement, you can prepare your documents and get them ready for your application.

  • Make sure that you are from the eligible countries or have their citizenship.
  • Note that this program is only for Masters Studies.
  • All Students that’ll apply for programs must go for coursework that corresponds with their undergraduate level.
  • Also, it’s available for both males and females.
  • It accepts students who are good enough in the English language.
  • Provide proof of academic transcripts and also ready to provide a list of required documents.
  • And lastly, you must be healthy and intelligent to retain your funding.

These are all the requirements you must meet up with. If you lack these things, please don’t apply.

How to Apply for Scotland Saltire Scholarship

Nothing will stop you from applying for this scholarship once you are eligible for it. The only that might be a problem is applying later than the due date. After you’ve realized how ready you’re for the master’s program, the next thing to do is to log onto This is simply what you need to apply for this program