Social media campaign examples | How to Run Effective Campaign

Social media campaign examples | How to Run Effective Campaign

social media campaign examples -Social Media Campaign is a very vital marketing strategy. There’s no doubt that social media campaigns these days can be so overwhelming for consumers.

social media campaign examples

That is why it’s difficult for many companies to get noticed on the social front. As a result, you need new innovative marketing tactics to stay ahead of the competition.

Here is the gist, to stay ahead of the competition is very possible, when you practice these five-step process for a successful social media campaign. That is what we will share with you in this article.

Social media campaign examples

Below are five common tactics that companies have been using to drive successful media campaigns;

Employ Right Campaign Targeting

Interestingly, Social media is an excellent tool for segmentation. It easily offers an easy glimpse of various demographics and engagement rates. Virtually all the platforms are pretty much made for getting to know people and built-in insight.

Therefore, understanding what your customer’s lifestyle, habits, and buying preferences are is critical to successful segmentation and targeting.

2.Set Clear Goals & Objectives

Each time you campaign on social media, remember that it is in the lead generation and awareness phase. Therefore, it essentially means you’re introducing yourself to them in the social campaign.

Thus, keeping a list of your active buyers will allow you to segment those people into a different category.

In the same vein, using customer lifetime value (CLV) as a benchmark will also help you to understand the overall value of different groups.

CLV is an example of a key performance indicator (KPI) that you will want to use as part of your objectives. As a result, understanding your target audiences via your customer relationship management (CRM) tools in combination with your social insights will be especially helpful in segmenting for social advertising.

Engage Your Audience Locally (Language Connection)

When you’re working out your demographics for targeting, ensure to offer them something in a common language.

Your style should be such that reflects both your brand as well as audience preferences. Lastly, you should also choose social channels’ indirect reference to your audience segment.

  1. Right Choice of Social Media Channels

Cross-channel marketing must be done strategically if it must. This approach can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to reaching a variety of demographics as well as people in various phases of the buyer’s journey. Importantly, you also want to ensure brand consistency across channels.

But if you’re tempted to reuse the same content on multiple channels, just don’t and focus on one. It’s better to use one channel well than to use several channels non-strategically.

  1. Remain Authentic & Stick to Right Timing

Let’s use Wealthsimple as an instance. They’re an automated investing platform. They did a good job of using cross-channel marketing when trying to capture the attention of the 30-ish urban millennial crowd.

Their hashtag, #investingforhumans, was a simple way to take out the fear of first-time investors who may have the temptation to use the AI-based platform to try out initial investments.

By using a range of platforms, they based their campaigns on key points from real-life interviews. Then they went on to share the money stories in an honest, real-life video that was shared both on TV and across various channels.

Their focus on authenticity was no doubt behind their massive success on YouTube, with one video hitting 1.8 million views. As well as thousands of views per interview on Instagram. Go ahead and employ these five strategies and see the magic.