Square online Payment | Payment POS for Android, iOS


Square online Payment| Payment POS for Android, iOS

Square online payment app is the best Android/iPhone mobile credit card processing. It’s very easy to use for Android and iOS payments anywhere.

square online payment
square online payment

However, It’s fast and easy to use iOS|Andriod payment POS with more than 2 million small business merchants and individual users in the U.S, Canada, U.K, Japan, and Australia. It’s like a cash app.

Square online payment | Meaning

The Square online Payment Application is a free download mobile app that’s compatible with iPhone, Tablets and Android Phones.

 Square is the best low-fee credit card processing because it doesn’t charge annual or monthly fees maintenance fees for your account.

Furthermore, for you to use this app, you just have to pay flat-rate transaction fees.  There’s no chargeback fee.

Though, It’s seen as quite an unusual month many mobile credit card processing institutions.

Square Payment Application|Fate Rate Processing fees

Therefore, if you pay the same rate, even if your customer pays with Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American express.

So, if your customers choose to use rewards, business, international or American Express cards, you’ll be saving some money.

However, it doesn’t distinguish between card types and its charges are the same rate for debit, credit, rewards, and corporate cards. All card brands are also treated equally.

Transactions charges are listed


In case, you’ re using debit cards, credit cards or any contactless payments that you can use to accept payment in person, All you’d  to do is to follow the payment fees:

For square register, square for retail or for square appointments, you pay $0.10 +2.5%

In case, you’re using a square stand or square reader, you’ll pay 2.75%

Lack of card transactions- Square payment Application

The absence of card App payment transactions at hand can be online payments such as invoices and recurring payments. You’d like to pay any of this transaction.

 Available custom rates: If you want to qualify for any of the custom rates, you’d to process above $250,000 annually, and your average sales ticket must be larger than $15.

For cards accepted,  with the Square invoice or the Square online store, you’ll pay 0.30+2.9%

When you manually key in cards with virtual Terminal, the square point of sale app and recurring payments with cards info stored in the card on File, you pay $0.15+ 3.5%

 If cards accepted  using Square online store premium plan, you’ll pay 2.6% + $0.30

The Policy|Terms

However, the user agrees for a traditional payment processing contract which means that there’s no form of the termination fee.

Moreso, you’re free to close your account at a time without any penalty if the service isn’t working out for business.

Important of Managing Square Payment Application

Absence of payment gateway setup fee

No monthly payment gateway fee

There’s no PCI compliance fee for PCI non-compliance fee or PCI non-compliance fee

There’s no minimum processing requirement

It offers no chargeback fee.

It doesn’t offer a monthly fee

There’s no  setup fee

Absent of early closure of account fees

Software free point of sale

This offers full POS features for running a business which includes the following:

It shows sales of data and also creates reports

This app integrates with third-party business solutions like accounting software and e-commerce platform.

it accepts cards like credit cards, mobile wallets, cash, paper checks, and gift cards.

You can open or split tabs

It set discounts and taxes

 It issues funds

 Offers prompt customers for  tips with suggested tip amounts

Helps to manage customer info and feedback

 You can print emails and text receipts.

It involves Sending of invoices and accepting of credit card payments online

This Make use of inventory management features in tracking quantities in real-time

Steps to download Square Payment Application for Android

In case, you’d this app on your mobile device; visit the Google play store to download it for your Android device.

You’re to provide your account details after downloading.

Check your device software to know if it’s up to date.

Steps to download the Square payment App for iPhone users|iOS devices.

Click on the app store icon on your iOS device screen to download.

Enter the app name that you want to download.

Tab the downloading option of your app on the device.

Sometimes, it can appear on your screen as Get “Install” etc.

Some will request for your Apple ID password|Touch ID to complete the process.

It’ll show download complete on the square icon device on the device home page.

Ways to create Square your Account

To create this account all you’d is to visit the account creation page on your Square App.

Click on “Create Account”.

Enter your personal full detail on the section provided, eg. social security number

       Individual Taxpayer Identification number

        US-based bank account number,

        Date of birth and

        US home mailing address.

However, the Age requirement is very important for qualification for customers that wants a credit card to remain 18 years and above.