Square POS | Square POS Pricing | Square POS App Free


Square POS | Square POS Pricing | Square POS App Free

Square POS is our focus for this article. Do you want to learn about the  POS? If yes, you’re on the right track. In this article, you will get an in-depth knowledge of this POS and its pricing plan.

square pos

As we all know, POS (point of sale) has been the easiest and fastest Means of Payment These Days. Let’s go on into The POS Without Wasting Much Time.

What’s Square POS?

Square is a mobile POS system available for iOS and Android devices. The app uses a credit card reader and your mobile phone.

It uses them to process payments. This, therefore, makes it a great value for businesses especially small-scale businesses.

Trust me, POS is a good option for companies that require retail services along with online eCommerce services. Commendably, the square has expanded its services to include;

  1. Invoicing
  2. Feedback
  3. Inventory control
  4. Marketing
  5. Customer loyalty
  6. Small business loans.

The square is known as the best free POS software in the market today. It comes with powerful and exclusive features.

Also, with very affordable credit card processing rates, this type of POS is ideal for small-scale businesses.

It anticipates the need of SMBs and entrepreneurs in various business processes. It has been able to grow because of its solid reputation.

Square Payment Option

You may have already known or come across the square payment option on the internet or from a friend.

First of all, the square is a free app that allows you to accept credit cards as means of payment with its POS feature.

Once you sign up for a Square account, you’ll receive a magistrate card reader that you can plug into your phone charger port.

Making use of this card reader, you as a business merchant can accept credit card payment from customers anytime and anywhere.

Once a customer is ready to pay, they just swipe their credit card. Or dip their chip depending on the squares hardware you are using.

However, the POS guides new users on how to carry out a transaction when using it for the first time.

Square  Pricing

The pricing of Square is our discourse in this last section. Square mobile POS app may not charge you a setup o monthly fee.

Trust me; it takes a little percentage of each transaction with the rate of the transaction. Also depending on which square hardware card reader you are using.

Additionally, POS is a free mobile app but its processing fees are competitive and very easy to understand.

Square  charges 2.6% or 0.10$ for basic transaction. As well as 3.5% or 0.15$ for manual transactions.

On the other hand also 2.9% or 0.30$ for online transactions. Square prices may be higher than its competitors, but believe me, there are no hidden costs to deal with in the future.

Do you need more of these POS advanced features? Maybe you should consider square for retail and square for restaurant POS.

Luckily, this POS has an offline mode feature that accepts credit card payments even without an internet connection.