Stop and shop Home Access | -Make the righ purchases

Stop and shop Home Access | -Make the right purchases

 The Stop and shop Home Access – is the access point to Home Access Stop and Shop Associates. With just your home access employees’ associate account you can visit the official associate connect portal. The portal is at

stop and shop home access

You need it to access your work schedule, shifts, paystub, payroll, pay info, company news, employees benefits, and discounts. As well as rewards; associate national and local discounts and lots more other offers working in stop & shop associate connect outlets.

Stop and shop Home Access

Employees can easily access and manage their employee’s accounts in the Stop & shop web platforms. They can do so by using the following URL. Although it all depends on the outlet of your work and whether you work nationally or locally.

If however, you work locally, your Stop & shop online access will be given to you by your HR department or supervisor. Having known these, below is a list of stop & shop online access platforms.

  1. Visit com
  3. New England Division Associate Connect
  4. New York Metro Division Associate Connect

How to Access Associate Employees Page

When you visit the listed sites above, it is dependent on where you work from. So, navigate to the associate connect here link and tap on it.

A three-category option pops up;

  1. My Online HR.
  2. My Schedule Manager.
  3. Associate Discounts.

Kindly note that to access these three categories, you will have to login first. Do so with your associate account login credentials, which is what I’ll show you next.

How to Login to Associate Connect Account

The login procedures are very simple and easy. Provided you have your account details or have registered before on the associate site as a first time worker. Visit the official site URL and follow the steps below;

  1. With an internet-enabled device.
  2. Go to the official URL site at com.
  3. Click on the Associate connect here link at the topmost part of the page.
  4. Navigate to “My online HR”.
  5. Enter your User ID
  6. fill in your Password
  7. Enter your PIN
  8. Click the green Submit button

You will need to set up with your store computer if it’s your first time. Also, in the event that you are experiencing challenges, you can contact your HR department.

Stop and Shop Schedule Manager

Employees can also easily access their work schedule on the stop & shop website. To do that is also very simple. Just visit the site and click on the associate connect here link at the page top.

  1. Navigate at the down part where the red “Access my Schedule” link at the My Schedule Manager interface.
  2. When you tap on the link, a page opens up with instructions on how to access your schedule.
  3. Click on the rounded green link “My schedule manager” (Opens in new window).
  4. A window will pop up asking you for your User ID and password.
  5. Key it in and tap the sign-in button.
Password Assistance Feature

Additionally, if you need assistance with your passwords such as retrieving it. Or perhaps you were locked out of your account the link will provide customer service phone numbers. Or a separate web portal for assistance, follow the steps below.

  1. From the login page click the green User ID and Password Assistance link
  2. If your account is locked or you need to retrieve your User ID/Password
  3. Select the link for the Division or company your work for
  4. You will be provided the web link or toll-free phone number to call for assistance
Associate Discounts AndEmployees Opportunities

Employees stand the frequent opportunities and offer that is displayed on the stop & shop website. The benefits and discounts of employees’ are both for local employees and national employees. Follow the steps below to access the offers;

  1. Visit the official site.
  2. Tap on the reward homepage category, a drop-down button shows up.
  3. Tap on the associate discounts and sign in with your user ID and Password.
User ID and Password Assistance

If your User ID or password is blocked or your account is locked or you need to retrieve your User ID and/or Password. Luckily, there is 24/7 assistance available for all employees. Visit the employee’s help desk page at Enjoy.