Tango app | how to download Video or music with Tango app | Tango Live


Tango app | how to download Video or music with Tango app| Tango Live

Tango app is a free social media application that supports audio and visual messaging.It’s also available on smart phones and tablets.You can connect with people from all over the world with its live broadcast feature.

Tango app

The Tango live app has over 40 million active users on its platform, and I’m sure that at the end of this article you would want to be part of them. Other alternative apps or sites are Waphan.com or choice of games

The app allows you to send messages in texts, audio, pictures, stickers, and games. You could still send videos, location messages as well as making phone calls.

All this and more for free. Let’s get sincere now.You should note that the app still has some certain demerits. While these demerits might make the app unique, when compared to other social media apps that perform the same service its really a buzzkill.

For one, there are tons of adverts on the app, even advertisers moan and groan whenever the use an app or visit a site and they have to navigate through the ads.

Well, note that the ads are only available on the free version of the app.So for a little fee of $9.99 you can become a premium subscriber and say goodbye to all the ads on the site. 

Second major demerit, the tango app is unable to host conference video calling, so you can’t you’re your group of friends, unlike messenger and WhatsApp.

While it’s a major turnoff when it comes to video conferencing, its conference chats are a major plus.Now the biggest name that pops up when we mention group messaging is usually WhatsApp.

Now WhatsApp support 250 participants per group, well give it up for tango as it supports 300 participants in a group.

What is Tango app ? | what are its features?

Now that we’ve got the major demerits out of the way lets roll out the red carpet.The tango app is very fun. 

For one while making video calls, you can add filters and send pictures while the call is ongoing.Users can also send stickers and play games with friends while they are on the video call.

You thought it was boring, hell no!Like some messaging app, Tango also lets you create groups. These groups can be for family, friends, social, hangout, etc.

While using Tango groups, you can send stickers as well as pictures to the group and you have multiple means of connecting.

You can connect with even people who you don’t have their contacts, tango gives you multiple means of connecting with people including.

  • Nearby tango users
  • Friends of friends 
  • Those on the popularity page.
  • Interacting with people around the world by chatting on one on one basis.
  • Join conversations having a common interest in public chat groups.

On Tango, you can view updates from your followers as well as people you are following.You can also share your pictures, videos, stickers.And of course, send texts in a chat. You can also read or add to the news feed on Tango.

You should note that your profile is set to default to public viewing, which means that anyone can view your profile.Well if you love privacy you can change this feature on your profile settings, by turning the feature.

App Features

Every social media app has its unique features, and Tango is no different, these features make it easy to distinguish from other apps.

Of the most distinguishing features is the ability to switch from video calls to audio calls, this data saving feature has even been adopted by WhatsApp.

Setting up and User Interface | Creating an account and adding contacts.

Tango app is hyper-fast and very easy to use.

You can download the app from your app store on your mobile. 

Once you’ve downloaded the app, launch It, then create an account by using your phone number to create an account.

You can choose to either add your email address and your name as well.The tango app has a user interface, there are engaging icons showing settings, contacts, and invites. 

To add contacts on tango, you can choose to allow tango automatically scan your contact book and add contacts.Or you can send an invite to your contacts inviting them to tango.

Tango App Video Quality

The tango app video quality is very nice, it works on both 4G and 3G networks perfectly.

Tango App Download

To download the Tango app, you simply have to visit your app store and search for Tango on the app store.Once the list comes up select the Tango official app, and select ‘‘install’’ or ‘‘get’’ depending on your phone platform.

Tango Music and Videos

Tango music is a unique style of music style that started around the 18-19 century. This style of music was very popular among the Europeans who are immigrants and African slaves.