Tik tok Video | Watch unlimited videos on Tiktok | Tiktok Stock

Tik tok  Video | Watch unlimited videos on Tiktok | Tiktok Stock

Tik Tok video-Are you aware that Tiktok is the number one video for creating short music, comedy skits, and even home video of oneself just for fun?

Tik tok video

Tiktok has tons of features that make the app/platform enjoyable for use. One popular feature is the ability to play background music while making videos.

You can also speed up or slow down the pace of your video, these and more are just some few features of the app.

Tik Tok video Lip-sync Feature

Are you a talented musician or good at lip-synching? well, then you are surely going to enjoy using this platform.

Its lip-sync features are superb and top-notch and you can sing along to your favorite songs and even lip sync them with perfect mimicry that might fool most people into thinking it’s your song.

About Tiktok  Video

Well, Tiktok is a video streaming company owned by Chinese company ByteDance, it first debuted in 2016 as Douyin.

Then in 2017, it launched in countries outside china as Tiktok, then in 2018, Tiktok merged with musical.ly and officially launched in the USA to critical acclaim. Due to Chinese regulations, Tiktok still kept the Douyin name to serve as an alternative in China.

The company has lots of braches all over the world including offices in Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Mumbai, etc.

Tiktok Stock

Tiktok is one of the most successful platforms currently, it has taken over as one of the most popular social platforms in the world right now.

It is also the third most downloaded app in the world right now, just behind WhatsApp and messenger. So investors now invest in purchasing stocks from arguably the most popular social media platform in the world.

But disappointedly, ByteDance Tiktok’s parent company has not made any shares available on the market.

This is very disappointing, but luckily the way the company is moving, we expect an IPO to be announced soon.

That might be the big break for investors hoping to purchase shares from the company.

Tiktok features

Well, TikTok has tons of features that make the platform very enjoyable, they include…..

  • React: This feature which is available only on the app helps users to film themselves reacting to a video clip online.

The react clip is kept as a small floating window that users can move around the screen when watching a video.

  • Duet: the duet feature gives users access to appear on another video and act like they were in the original video In the first place.
  • Newsfeed: the news feed or homepage allows user to see content posted by other users, the Tiktok algorithm uses data provided by the user such as clicks and views of other videos to suggest a new video to the user.
  • Save: with the save feature you can add any video, sound, filters, or hashtags to your favorite list.
  • Private account: private account features give you the ability to limit the people who see your content. You can also limit the content itself.