Twitch prime Fortnite | steps to get Fortnite Twitch reward

Twitch prime Fortnite | steps to get Fortnite Twitch reward

If you’re a game lover and you loved playing the Twitch prime Fortnite? Here are nice tips to recover your Fortnite rewards.

 Twitch prime Fortnite

However, so many users hear the words twitch prime Fortnite some begin to wonder what is it all about.

Basically, it is not really a big deal or some to elaborate but rather it is a premium experience on twitch.

More so, there’re many other things that come with this service to all users. Also, Amazon is the parent company of streaming giant Twitch.

What is Twitch prime in Fortnite?

witch Prime is a service offered by Amazon prime that allows the users to subscribe to their favorite streamers and clam goodies from a game such as call of Duty, warframe, and Fortnite, etc.

Therefore, this has also become a hot topic for the twitch community in the wake of Fortnite.

Also, This is an exclusive game now included in the Amazon prime pack #2.

However, it is created for the gamer that wants to enjoy the gaming experience.

More so, a gamer wants to acquire more features of their game as well as getting more equipment to put in their game’s levels.

Brief History of Twitch Prime Park

Some will ask when was the first Fortnite twitch prime pack?

28th February,2018was the first Fortnite Twitch prime pack which includes: Backup plan Back Bling, the exclusive Havoc skin, slipstream glider,sub-commander skin, and instigator pickaxe, etc.

Twitch prime is it for Free

There’s no free subscription option during the trial period.the free twitch subscription automatically grants users as soon as their 30 days free trials end.

In case, you’re not a subscriber, you can sign up for a free trial and still claim all that in free loot.

Importance of Twitch prime

The twitch prime pack 2 is an amazing upgrade that comes with a lot of benefits and features for you as a gamer to grab.

Here we’re going to be looking at some of the benefits you can get your hands on when you have the game or when you play the twitch prime Fortnite.

particularly, this is for those who do subscribe to the game and want to acquire more to their collections

Although, when you sign up and you’re a twitch prime subscriber you are always legible to claim your monthly loot by linking your game account.

More so, let us look at some of the things you’ll be able to grab for free when you do this.

  • It helps you to find your path and way, Exclusive battle royale is the true north back bling direction.
  • You can use this to tear up the dance floor. The exclusive battle royale freestyle emotes pack.
  • The exclusive battle royale trailblazer outfit fully ready to use. This is at the forefront of victory.
  • However, this leaves a good impression in playing your game, exclusive battle royale tenderizer to the pickaxe

What is the Twitch prime Loot?

Twitch prime Loot is a premium experience that includes Amazon Prime and Prime video membership.

Features of Prime Loot includes bonus games and exclusive in-game content, a channel subscription every month at no additional cost to be used on any Partner or Affiliate channels, exclusive emotes and chat badge.

How to recover your Fortnite Loot Rewards

There is one thing that is always in the mind of so many gamers while playing the twitch Fortnite game.

Therefore, they always ask how do I recover my rewards?

  • To redeem your reward just link your game account on the platform.
  • Then you can load up Fortnite and your loot will come up for you to collect.
  • Remember that you can only claim your twitch prime loot only on a single device.

Therefore, you can do the following on your

  • PlayStation
  • Mac
  • PC
  • Xbox One

Furthermore, your content is readily available to users and also you can share it across all PC, game console and your phone device.

However, you can’t share content across Xbox One and also PS4.

Even if, you’re using the same old account this will not go through

Ways to link Twitch Prime with Fortnite

However, In linking your Twitch prime account with Fortnite. this enables the user to get access to the free gifts and to unlock new areas.

Step1. You’re to visit in your web browser, by creating your Amazon account

Step2. Log in to your Amazon account, you’ll see your name around the page if you log in

Step3.Click the link on the Twitch Account to continue.’re to click on the confirmation button to connect with Amazon prime.

Step5.Revisit in your web browser if prompted to log in by following the instruction on-screen.

Step6.Click Claim Loot.there you’ll see the tile of the game/Fortnite information.

Step7.Log into your Epic Games account.