Twitter App Android | Download Twitter App | Create Twitter Account | twitter features

Twitter App Android | Download Twitter App | Create Twitter Account | twitter features

Twitter app Android – When talking about the development of social media in  Twitter app android  can’t be ignored. In our ever-growing society, the importance of the Twitter app Android  cannot be overemphasized.

Twitter app android

Social media apps generally, not only help in making the interaction between the user and the device very friendly.

Furthermore, it is also well known for connecting people and disseminating information amongst its users worldwide.

Without any doubt, the twitter app  Android has one of the largest active users as far as social media could be spoken about.

However, it comes with its unique features, making it one of the most used social apps currently.

Twitter is an online platform where users pass across news ranging from politics, entertainment, educative, and lots more to its plethora of people across the globe.

Therefore, Asides news, entertainment, and all that, Twitter is well known for meeting and connecting with people.

This is possible by following each other on the twitter app.

Installation of twitter app android

However, getting acquainted with the twitter app is as easy as it comes, users can do so by just following these easy steps listed below:

  • Download the twitter app

Users can download the app from the Google play store.

Also, for Android device users, you can download it from the Apple App Store for iPhone users. Microsoft Shop for Windows users.

However, users can achieve this with an available internet connection.

Therefore, all you need to do is, tap into any of the stores above.

Then according to your device, search the keyword ‘Twitter’. Click on the twitter icon and download and install twitter directly from the store.

After the Twitter app download process, it installs automatically to your device. Create a Twitter account and you are set to use the app on your device.

  • Creating an account

Below is a quick guide to help you open a twitter account;

  • Choose a profile name of your choice, which is also your username.
  • Select your profile picture, best to use your picture for easy identification.
  • Complete your Bio; make sure to keep it as simple as possible.
  • Unless you’re going with business intent, then you can go ahead and explain a bit about your business.
  • Also, there is a link that helps you connect to your other social media accounts. However, it helps people to know more about you like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Twitter app android Followers – Tweeter and Twitter Picture

Furthermore, as you begin to meet new people on the app, you follow people of your choice. Also, the same thing goes for people that’ll see you too.

However, the following people allows you to see their posts, Twitter picture, updates, and vice-versa.

More so, your twitter follower base will continue to expand. Also, and you will continue to meet and interact with people by sending messages.

Therefore, other users of the app refer to this as tweets.

Features of Twitter app Android  – Twitter Developer App | Twitter Update

Here are some interesting features of the Twitter app that makes it easy and user friendly:

  • Breaking news update
  • Sharing of media privately
  • Sharing of location
  • Synchronizing contacts
  • Adding friends by email.

Twitter makes upgrades and will add new features from time to time via Twitter updates.

Thereby, improving the performance of the Twitter app and making it easier and more comfortable for its users.