Uber Visa Card | uber visa debit card customer service


Uber Visa Card | uber visa debit card customer service

Uber Visa Card- this visa card is one of the cards that you can use and purchase items, make payments,s and also your other monetary transactions. This card comes with so many interesting benefits that’ll interest you.

uber visa card

Barclays made an introduction of the uber visa card in 2017, since then this card has been functional. Through this medium, so many people have benefited a lot only by making payments with this card.

In 2019 this platform reduced the benefit of cardholders and this affected all the lovers and users of visa cards. As we continue to talk more about how this card works, you’ll know if the card’s benefit has been increased or not.

Uber Visa Card New Changes

This is where the real gist is, the new changes in uber card. I know you’ll be asking if the new changes will be favorable to you. However, you’ll find out about that when you continue reading. Uber has introduced a new refreshed uber credit card. Presently as we speak, you don’t need to always frequent uber rideshare and more. We’ll still come to this gist of the new credit card but before then let’s look at the different rewards. Every card has its different reward and offer, now; we’ll be looking at different card rewards for dining, entertainment, and travel card.

Below are other cards that offer similar rewards just like this visa card.

  • The first is the capital one savor one cash reward credit card.
  • The second one is the Bank of America Cash reward credit card.
  • Now, the third is chase sapphire’s preferred card.
  • The American Express Green Card.
  • Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card.
  • City Double cash card, this has 18 months BT offer.

If you’re a constant uber user, and always make use of their services at least two times a week or even a month. You might want to keep your card knowing that it doesn’t require any form of the annual fee. Now back to the new uber credit card, remember we said you should keep reading so that you’ll understand all information about our topic today. This new credit card has some interesting offers that might interest their users.

This new reformed card has some interesting benefits for its users. All users will get 5% back in uber cash on every ride and uber eat the Order, it also has some other interesting features that’ll interest you. However, let’s discuss some of the features below.

Uber Card new features

This is good news for all uber visa card users, we’ve some beautiful benefits you can get only by using this card. Now let’s see some of it.

  • No annual fee is required.
  • Cash advances fees and balance transfer: you’ll be charged a low fee of $10 when conducting a balance transfer. However, the cash advance fee is the same as the transfer fee.
  • You’ll receive a 90 days welcome bonus. This is a beautiful offer for newly approved cash holders who are still waiting to learn. As new cardholders, they can earn $100 in uber cash after they have made a purchase of $500 in 90 days.
  • A signup reward. Cardholders don’t only enjoy a bonus on their sign-up, they also enjoy a 5% bonus on uber cashback.
  • Great reward on restaurants, hotels, and travel. All users get 4% cashback on all the purchases of restaurants, hotels, and airfare. You can also earn 5% on the payment you make when you Oder food through the uber eat app.
  • You will earn 1% back in all purchases you get through this platform.
  • When your uber balance reaches $50 from the credit card purchase, the balance will be deposited into your uber apps, as their cash balance for future purposes.
  • You’ll get good coverage when your phone spoils, mostly when the phone was gotten with their credit card.

However, this card has improved so well, they’re so many lovely changes already in place. All cardholders will have reasons to smile because they have a good and beautiful offer for them. Are hearing about this platform for the first time? This is the right time to register.

How to Apply for Uber Card

Congratulations to you if you’re applying for this app for the first time. However, for you to have access to these benefits, you’ll have to register first. You can follow the steps below to register.

  • Go to the menu button and click on it.
  • Also, click on the payment button.
  • Then click on view all offers.
  • Then finally, click on apply and follow and follow the application process.
How to sign up for Uber Card

You can simply apply for an uber card by visiting their website which is https://www.uber.com/us/en/u/uberdebit-gobank/. When the site finally opens, you’ll be required to sign up with some requirements that we’ll show you below.

  • Your email.
  • Your phone number.
  • Then create your desired login password.
  • Fill your city.
  • Fill in your invite code if you have any.
  • When you’re done with these steps you can click on the next option which is “NEXT” this will open another phase of the signup process for you to complete.

In conclusion, with an uber card, you can make purchases of any of their items and transportation without stress. They’ve reformed their platform and now you can earn more from this platform.


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