UNICEF Internship: How to apply for UNICEF Internship

UNICEF Internship: How to apply for UNICEF Internship

The UNICEF internship: You do want to do your internship program in a nice place for a great experience? UNICEF is one of the places you can obtain your internship training. You can do your internship with UNICEF in any part of the world. Their internship program is fully funded for all undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. degree students.

Unicef internship

However, the duration of this internship program is usually from 6 weeks to 26 weeks. When you apply for this internship program and get it, you’ll be paid during the duration of your program.  UNICEF covers the financial payment of the entire internship program.

Are you ready to take a part in the UNICEF internship program made available for you to grab this is an opportunity you should not afford to miss? More details about UNICEF are below the article, you’ll discover about it as you read on.

What you need to know about UNICEF  -UNICEF Internship

They’re few things I’ll be telling you about UNICEF and it’s very important. UNICEF functions in some of the world most difficult place with the aim of reaching out to the needy, defending their rights, saving their lives and also helping they fulfill their potential. UNICEF is functional in 190 countries and territories, they ensure to give all children a good living most who can’t afford any. They want to build a better world free and easy life for everyone.

As an internship student, you’ll have the advantage to work with a group that contributes to saving lives. However, UNICEF focuses on assuring survival, development, protection, and participation to individuals who needs it. UNICEF plays an important role for the organization in ensuring national systems are very strong enough to provide sustainable quality services to those that need them.

However, children are mostly the ones that benefit from this opportunity. Note that this internship program also comes with monthly payments.

Just like another sector, you’ll have shown some commitment to the duty involved in what you’re going into. Are you interested in gaining knowledge through a UNICEF internship? It’s an opportunity for you to travel to places, meet with different people and gain the knowledge that you see.  Before I proceed to how you can apply for this internship program and another thing. Let me show you some of the eligibility requirements.

How to know you’re eligible to apply for this scholarship program

The first thing to check before applying for an internship program or anything is eligibility. Your eligibility will tell you if you’re supposed to apply for the internship program or not. When you don’t know these things, you might apply and not get them.

However, the internship program with UNICEF requires people with skills, good strategic vision, and also good communication skills. You should also show interest in child protection. Other things you should note are listed below.

  1. Language: you need to have good speaking and writing skills. Speak and write fluent English or any other acceptable language, it could be French or Arabic.
  2. Building Trust: you should have good character that promotes a strong relationship with partners. Also promote policies, procedures, and structures.
  3. Flexibility: the ability to work effectively in different assignments and also to adapt to circumstances and change demands. You should be ready to travel if the need is required.
  4. All internship students will pay for their own travel and living expenses.
  5. They will provide medical insurance covering their time at their duty station.
  6. The internship student is responsible for arranging visa or immigration requirements if the need be.

How to Apply for UNICEF Internship Program

  1. All intended candidate is expected to visit the official website of UNICEF and search for their recent jobs and opportunity.
  2. All applicant needs to go for the position they can fit in better.
  3. When you’re done selecting the position you want, please create their profile through their official website and submit it online.
  4. Finally, create a CV and a cover letter that’ll be attached to your application.
The Aim and Benefit of UNICEF Internship program

Apart from the knowledge you’ll gain, they’re other things you’ll benefit from when undergoing your internship program with UNICEF. And you can see some of the benefits below.

  1. The internship student will get a grant as a contribution towards funding for the internship project.
  2. Your travel expenses will be paid.
  3. Also, your housing expenses will be covered.
  4. Finally, medical expenses will also be paid.

All of these benefits and more are what the entire internship student will benefit from. However, UNICEF has stayed up to 70 years and since then; they’ve been working hard to ensure good improvement to the lives of children and families.

The good works of UNICEF are much; they provide shelter, nutrition, protection from disaster and conflict for all the children that need it. Once the information of someone who needs help gets to them, it’ll be taken care of.