University of Warsaw Scholarship for Postgraduate Students: How to apply  

Apply for the University of Warsaw Scholarship for Postgraduate Students program to further Physics in Poland. On the act, you’ll meet qualified and highly equipped professors that’ll encourage advanced tutorial in the field of physics. You can make your dream come true now by applying to this program for an abroad study.

university of Warsaw scholarship

The University of Warsaw Scholarship for Postgraduates

The University of Warsaw determined the inception of this Scholarship scheme to train students into perfection when it comes to Physics. This is because their Institution has all it takes to carve out the perfect Physicist for the World. However, the scholarship is really a competitive one but students are mostly accepted.

The guarantee of winning the first runner-up is determined when an application is followed as the guideline stated. We’ll share some basic steps on how to apply for the University of Warsaw scholarship for postgraduates. But when an application is not started or completed just as instructed by the Scholarship Committee, it might be less regarded and considered.

In order to win consideration once an application is submitted, please follow the listed guidelines written on this page for International applicants intending for immediate approval and enlistment after application.

However, this is a Ph.D. degree certification program, all qualified students will receive this after their program. Note that, only postgraduate’s applicants with Masters Degree as their least qualification can apply.

University of Warsaw Scholarship for Postgraduate Students Eligible Courses

This scholarship program only guarantees certification Physics course. They train only Physics practitioners. Students who’re in the Medical field, Environmental Studies and Researches, Engineering, and some other courses are not accepted. So anyone who has the intention of applying must not have the desire to study these courses.

Obey every instructions and information’s in this article because if you don’t do that your application won’t be accepted. Note that only physics students are allowed to apply.

Requirements from Applicants

  • Great news for International students, they’re worthy of receiving this scholarship. They can apply for the scholarship but it must be only for Physics students. This Institution is one of the best Universities for training future professionals in the world of Physics. Although Physics is not the only course offered and recognized by the University when it comes to this scholarship, it’s only physics that’s accepted.
  • Also, note that your previous transcripts will all be needed including your CV and other factual supporting documents. That’s what will be needed for defending the eligibility of your issuance into the next level which is the Ph.D. level.
  • Also, students with an interest in other courses will not apply.
  • You’ll study as a student of the University of Warsaw in Poland but for an assured admission into the scholarship, it required documents that’ll be submitted to the provided Email address.

Which Constituencies is Qualified to apply?

If your country is among the eligible countries listed, then you can apply. This is because there is no restricted country when it comes to the University of Warsaw Postgraduate Scholarship in Poland. The top considered criteria for selecting a student is their academic qualification.

This scholarship is merit-based, so you’ll need your academic qualifications, experiences, and publications. When you didn’t meet any of these requirements, automatic disqualification will be offered.

How to Apply for the University of Warsaw Scholarship for Postgraduates

Hello, friends make yourself happy with this one-time opportunity in Poland by clicking this link – When you finally access the application form, you can go through the details to actually recognize the effects of this scholarship. Take note of the requirements and some developments.

Students are expected to submit their application form at the online portal through which the application form was accessed.  But when it comes to the scholarship supporting documents, they will be submitted through an Email address. However, if you must know, this is the Email address for the submission:

Finally, during your submission, the Application letter requires every applicant to write it and it should also be submitted in a pdf format. And an attached scanned signature of the candidate or ownership of the letter should be indicated.