Verve Card | Verve global card for online local & international Payments

Verve Card | Verve global card for online local & international Payments

Verve card is known as a local payment card used for making payment for goods and service on Point of Sales (POS) terminal or Business owner Website.

verve card

Also, it’s for making a cash withdrawal from the ATM locations around you.

Verve cards are acceptable at Business locations, websites and ATM terminals where the card scheme brands are displayed.

Verve is one of the top payment technology used by business owner across the African.

However, it’s in partnership with Discover Global Network. The payments brand of Discover launched a new verve card on 14th August 2019.

Also, the services extend to other countries outside African. With this, users can make international transactions over 185 countries of the world.

Prior this time, the card users can only use their cards in Nigeria and other African countries.

Though, with this new verve global card, Verve alongside her parent company the Interswitch joins other world ranking brands such as Visa and Master card.

From the Verve’s customer care service desk, the new Verve global card is quite different from the new one (Verve classic Card).

Most customers may like to have a new card from their banks. This new Verve Global card comes with an exclusive capacity for local and international across all channels.

You can link your card to your savings and Current accounts using ‘’Safetoken’’.This offers users extra protection for web-based transactions.

Through this, card users can now use their Verve global cars on the Discover global network. DGN provides acceptance in over 190 countries of the world.

Cardholders of the new cards can make payments outside Africa on the Discover global network. However, this includes anywhere Discover, diners club international, Pulse and other affiliated network cards accepted.

Verve launch of international payment solutions offers card users the ability to do business globally across the US and other countries.

This has helped to fix the problems most Nigerians have while traveling abroad for businesses.

There’re other benefits that the Verve global card offers and it includes rewards and loyalty schemes. Its benefits are both local and international.

Presently, the Fidelity Bank and First ban in Nigeria has confirmed that the cards are available.

Wow! Good news for Nigerians! Nigerians can now use their Verve cards to make online payments such as online shopping and Facebook ads.

Steps to activate your  Card for online payment in Nigeria

In case any of the Nigerian banks issue one card from verve to you. The users can use the card for payment online when they register it on the Interswitch safetoken service.

However, This is a system that provides the one-Time-password (OTP) mainly for the transaction through the Interswitch web Payment platform.

When users register on the safetoken, it will enable them to make payments through the business owner website that uses the Interswitch payment gateway.

In other to generate OPT for your card anytime you want to do some transaction, First thing to do is to register your card for safetoken service.

The OPT second level authentication process in addition to your card number, PIN and [email protected] code.

Below is the easy step to activate your  card

Step 1. Visit any nearest ATM stand, insert your  card from verve

Step 2.Enter your password, your 4-digital pin

Step 3. Choose your bank account type to be it savings or current account.

Step 4. From the options display on the ATM screen select  ‘Quickteller’.

Step 5. Select the option from the Quickteller menu  “Pay Bills”.

Step 6. Choose ‘Others’ for the bill payment option

Step 7. Then, enter the Biller number as 322222

Step 8. Input your phone number as the Customer Reference number. Select ‘Proceed’

You’ll get a notification signal such as “Do you want to make this transaction?” Amount Due: N1.(Don’t edit the amount to be paid)

Step 9. Lastly, click on “pay amount due”. You’ll get a confirmation SMS indicating that you have successfully registered.

Should be the case, you want to make payment online using your card and you get to a point where you are asked to input your OPT.

In few seconds you’ll receive  SMs via OPT that your online transaction was successful. In case you add the card to the Quickteller Mobile App, you can also create an OTP application for the transaction.