Visa Application for Canada online: Requirements and fees

Visa Application for Canada online: Requirements and fees

The visa application for Canada online is quite easy. If you want to live or study in Canada, this is an opportunity for you. If you’re searching for how to apply for a Canada visa online, you’ll have to read the guide here carefully. It’s the almost same thing whether applying at the embassy or applying online. On that note, there are steps to follow in order to make sure, your application is successful.

visa application for canada online

It’s obvious that Canada is one of the Top Livable Country in the World. It has one of the best health systems, Education system, political and economic system. This country is one of the best places to travel for tours, education, and medical assistant.

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Meanwhile, traveling to Canada most especially applying for a Canadian visa online is not an easy step for most people. In some countries like African countries, getting a visa approved Is usually a difficult thing there. But I’m here to guide you on how the application can be made easy for you.

The major reason for this article is to guide you on how you can apply for this visa online. The great news is that you can conduct this application with your mobile device. You don’t necessarily have to visit the embassy; you can successfully conduct this application from the comfort of your home.

Visa Application for Canada online-  Things to find out here;

  • First, Canada visa application online fees
  • Secondly, Canada visa application online procedures
  • Thirdly, the Application form for a Canadian visa.
  • And lastly, How to cancel a Canada visa application

All of this listed information is what we’ll be discussing in this article. However, all of this information will help you during your application.

The Difference between Applying Online and on Paper

  • When applying for a Canada visa online will require that you first create an account online. Meanwhile, this is not done if you’re applying on paper. If you’re applying manually there is a guide on paper that’ll help you apply successfully.
  • When applying online, you’ll be asked to upload some forms and your documents.
  • You’ll pay your application fees through your account before you’re allowed to submit your application online.
  • During your online application, you’ll not be allowed to submit your application, except you register all information.
  • When applying manually, you’ll be contacted through an email with information on where to send your documents to.
  • Finally, the online customer help desk may contacts you through your account where there is a need for additional documents needed.

During the processing time, it may be different depending on when you applied and how you applied.

Canada Online Visa application Fees

If you’ll be applying online, then here are some of the visa application fees according to the type of visa which you may be applying for:

  1. A Work permit: C$155
  2. Study permit visa: C$150
  3. A work permit : maximum fee for groups of performing artists and their staff: C$100
  4. Visitor visa: this is a single entry or multiple entries – C$100
  5.  The Visitor record visa C$75
  6. Visitor visa: for a maximum fee for family C$500
Canada Visa Application Online Procedures

I believe you’ve seen what it takes to apply for a visa to travel to Canada, so below are the procedures to applying for a visa smoothly.

Note that the first thing you’ll do is to create an account, this account that you’ll create will give you a free pass to:

  1. Apply for a Canada visa
  2. Start your application
  3. Pay for application fees and also submit your application
  4. Get messages as regards your application when successful.
  5. Finally, to Follow up on your application
How to cancel Canada visa application

In this section, you get to learn how you can cancel your Canada visa applications. So, if you want to close your Canada visa account or cancel your application, this is what you should do:

Step One

  • Search and go to the Canadian visa cancelation page

Step Two

  • Go through the policy guiding visa cancelations and see how it relates to you

Step three

  • Note that the processing portion of the citizenship application fee may not be refunded in the case of an accepted withdrawal request. Meanwhile, you can find out the reason or the chances of getting a refund if this is the case on the Canada visa cancelation portal.

Finally, this is all you should note about applying for a Canada visa online. In case you have any questions, you can visit the Canada visa application portal online.