Visa Application Of Uk – UK visa Application Process

Visa Application Of Uk – UK visa Application Process

Visa application of Uk- Every year, thousands of citizens of different countries apply for a UK visa. But do you know that out of these thousands of applicants, only a few will be approved? And this is because most of them don’t apply for their visa the right way.

visa application of Uk

However, most people who apply for visas to travel to the United Kingdom, do that for different purposes. Some travel there for sightseeing, studying, or even work or business purposes.  And the only thing that gives individuals free access to this country is a visa.

With a visa, you can travel to any country of your choice, either by sea, road, or air. The visa issued to you means that you’ve completed the requirement you need to undergo before traveling to this country. With the little information in this article, you’ll understand how you can successfully apply for a UK visa.

As you read on, you’ll see some different visa types issued to some applicants and the processes of applying them. If you’ll follow the information in this article, your visa application will no longer be rejected. What causes visa application rejection? The reasons will be shown to you in this article as you read on.

Visa Application Of Uk

A United Kingdom visa is an authorized document that gives an individual right to travel to the United Kingdom, either for business or any reason. However, Visa is mostly a stamp you receive in your passport or a document that is issued by the UK embassy in your country.

Once you’ve received a visa, it means that you can travel to the UK, also that you’ve passed the requirements. People travel to the United Kingdom because of some reason, and you’ll be asked to explain why you want to the UK.

If your Explanations are not good enough to convince them, your visa will not be approved.

Reasons people travel to the UK
  1. For business reasons, or for the purpose of work
  2. Educational reasons
  3. For a short visit and tourism
  4. To relocate to stay with a family member who is already in the UK
  5. To move from the UK to another country
  6. Relocating permanently
  7. Going there as a refugee, maybe you need protection
  8. Maybe as a stateless person

All these are who make individuals want to travel. If the listed reasons above are your reasons for wanting to travel to the UK then you should apply for a Visa.

How to Apply for a UK Visa-Visa Application Of Uk

The United Kingdom visa application depends on the type of visa you want to apply for. Most of the requirements of this visa are the almost same thing. Though, it has some additional requirements that are different from the visa cards.

However, it’s advised that you should start your visa application three months before the date you’re supposed to travel. Visa processing is not always easy; sometimes it can take up to three weeks, for the application to be completed.

Visa Types and how to apply

The type of visa that’ll be given to an applicant depends on the persons’ reasons for wanting to travel.  Just like I listed, people travel for different reasons. Your reason will determine the type of visa you’ll receive from the embassy. Some of the visa names are listed below.

  1. Settlement visa
  2. Transit Visa
  3. Family visa
  4. Visitors visa
  5. Study visa
  6. Work visa
  7. Business visa

All these are of the visa that’ll be given to any individual that wants to travel to the United Kingdom. I’ll explain some of it so that you can take note of how it works and how you can apply it to one of your choices.

Work and Business Visa

Issuing of this visa is very strict. The UK government hardly allows some of the visa holders to get a job in their country. However, anyone with high professional experience can get a Job in the United Kingdom. Most times they only allow people from another country to apply for visas for a shorter period.

If you have a relative who based there, or a family who base there, it’ll be easy for you. Because they’ll help you get a job or start up a business there. Some work and business visas that you might see and receive are listed below.

Global Talent Visa: this is for highly qualified foreigners

Tier 2 “general” visa

Tear 2 “intracompany transfer” visas

Also, Tier 2 “sportsperson” visa

Tier 2 “minister of religion” visa

All of these visas are categorized under skilled foreign workers with a job offer in a shortage area.

Tier 5 “temporal worker” visa

Tier 5 “youth mobility scheme”

All These ones are categorized under mobility and temporal foreign workers

Tier 1 entrepreneur visa

Tier 1 graduate entrepreneur visa

And Tier 1 investors visa.

These ones are categorized under UK business visa types.

Student visas-Visa Application Of Uk

A student who wishes to study in the UK has a specific visa type they’ll get from the embassy. Their visas are categorized into 3

  1. Tier 4 student visa(for a child)
  2. Tier 4 student visa ( general)
  3. Short term study visa

These are the three main visas given to students who wish to travel to the UK to study. However, take note of all of this information, in case you’re going to apply for a visa in the UK embassy. So that you can know the visa you’ll be going for.

Finally, not everyone is eligible to apply for a UK visa.  You also need to know few things that might prevent you from getting a visa. And this is eligibility before you apply for a visa; first of all, know if you’re eligible. It’s very simple to know if you’re eligible or not, simply visit the UK embassy website. All the information’s about your eligibility will be listed there. Good luck with your visa application.