Walmart Money Card Customer Service | Bill Payment and Phone Number


 Walmart Money Card Customer Service | Bill Payment and Phone Number

The Walmart Money Card Customer Service: Do you know that with a Walmart money card, you can make payment online? However, before the end of this article, you’ll know how to make a payment with this card.

walmart money card customer service

We’ll also tell you how you can contact their customer service. This is because you might have issues with the card or have issues with making payment.

Now let’s talk about Walmart money card. This money card is also known as a credit card. It’s for shoppers that visit Walmart stores always. If you’re always shopping in their store, you’ll be issued a money card so that you can easily make payment with it.

However, this card that’ll be given to you is the best fit for poor credit. If you have an interest in rebuilding your credit history, then this store will help you achieve that.

As you read on you’ll understand how you can log in to Walmart’s online store and contact their customer service. We’ll also show you how you can apply for this money card or master card for those that don’t know.

About Walmart Money Card – Walmart Money Card Customer Service

This online store offers both master cards and credit cards, depending on the one you want. This card has high APRs of 22.90%. With is money card you can make your transactions freely. Even when you have poor credit, you can be approved. If you have a credit score of 630 and above, you can apply for this card.

This card comes with no annual fee, however, their reward is not attractive. You can get a 0% financing option and still make saves when you buy gas. When you talk about credit cards for poor credit then you should go for a Walmart credit card.

This is because they’re the best when it comes to low credit. The beautiful reward with this card is in the 2.86% on their gas purchases. However it has restrictions, it’s one of the best things anyone with a credit card can get.

The Benefit of Walmart Master Card and Credit Card

Every cardholder will earn a 5% discount on every gallon of gas they buy at the pump station. For example, if you want to calculate the reward rate, the average price per gallon is $2.66. The gas reward rate will be 1.9% which is $0.05 to $2.66. Note that this credit card is only accepted in the Walmart store. Some credit cards are accepted in different stores but this card is only accepted in their store.

However, only their master card is accepted in other stores, and you can use it to make payments anywhere. You can also use it to buy gas, dining, grocery, and many more.Users can get both cards from Synchrony Bank. You can also get it at Capital One Bank. Below are some of the things card users will gain.

  • You’ll receive 1% cash back on every item you buy with the master card.
  • The second one is that you can redeem the reward as a 1% cashback statement credit in a $5 increment.
  • If you apply for this card and use it to buy items that are worth $75 in a day. You will receive $25 as your welcome bonus.

Walmart Money Card Customer Service

Their customer care is always ready to attend to questions online. If you have any issue making your payment online, you can quickly contact them.  You can always contact them through this number 1-877-362-5952.

This is the number you can always call to make an inquiry. You can follow the steps below to know how you can make payment with your card.

How to Pay Bills with Walmart Money

You can pay your bills online both with your credit card or your master card. To do this you can kindly visit the online official site through the link that’ll be provided below. However, for you to freely make the payment online, you must firstly for online account management access.

  • Open your browser and put in the link. Or you can visit
  • Locate the “manage my account” on the homepage. Click on it.
  • Filling your information details. For example your account user name and password.
  • Go to your user account dashboard, click on the pay bill online tab.
  • Choose how you want the bill to be paid and the amount you want to pay.
  • Wait for the bill pay process to complete.
How you can apply for Walmart Credit Card

Applying for a credit card is very easy, follow the guide in this article.

  • Go to the link
  • Tab on the “apply” button.
  • Fill in the information required. For example your name, both first and last name, suffix, SSN, your date of birth, and your yearly income.
  • Put in your zip code, your street number, apartment, your city, and state.
  • Also, put in your valid email and provide your phone number.
  • Fill in the referral code if someone referred you.
  • Finally, scroll down and click on the continue button. After that, you can then complete the rest of your application process.

In Summary, Walmart’s money card is mostly given to customers who always shop in their online store. With or without money, you can shop in their store. Are you surprised? You might be wondering how possible it’s to buy an item without money. Well, this is the reason a credit card is given to customers so that they can buy an item even without money.

How this works is that, you make a payment with the credit card then it’ll later be deducted from the card. Depending on how you want to be making your payment.


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