Walmart Money Card Register | How to Access your Walmart Academy Prepaid Card


Walmart Money Card Register | How to Access your Walmart Academy Prepaid Card

The Walmart Money Card Register –  Use of a Walmart prepaid card is one of the easiest ways you can make payment for your training expenses. You can use it to check balances, track transactions, and also view card statements with it.

walmart money card register

However this portal is very easy to access, you don’t need any magical powers to help you access it. All you need is the basic knowledge which we’ll be sharing with you in this article.

Walmart is presently one of the biggest stores in the United States. They started from a very humble beginning and now they’ve thousands of stores which have extended to international level. Their goal is to bring the stores closer to their customers. Mostly to customers that need their product in communities that need their product.

They’re presently creating great opportunities and bringing value to their customers around the globe.

Walmart Money Card Register

Knowing what Walmart is will help you understand the next stage of this article. Walmart as you already know is a store where you can buy anything you want, both online and offline. Walmart money card is simply card they give to their customers, for example, credit card, and master card.

These are money cards you can make payments with. Before you can fully have access to their money card, you should first register to apply for the money card.

Applying for this money card is very easy. If you’re reading about Walmart for the first time, we’ll show how you can apply before the end of this article. With the steps bellow, it’ll help you to know how to register your money card.

  • Visit their official site.
  • Click on the account set up button so that you can set up your account.
  • Then fill in your Walmart money card number.
  • Fill in your security code which will be 3 digits. You can locate it at the back of your card.
  • Click on the submit button.
  • When you’re done with these steps, you’ve successfully registered your money card.

How to Access your Academy Prepared Card

The only way you can access your account on the Walmart academy card website is by registering yourself first. If you’ve registered before that means you’re free to have access to your account dashboard. But if you’ve not registered, you can follow the steps below to register it yourself.

  • Fill in your account username.
  • Put in your password.
  • Then click on the sign-in button.

As you can see, the steps are very easy to follow, we believe you won’t need external help on that. Once you’ve followed the steps provided above, then you’ve completed the registration. And you can have free access to your account on the website.

How to Make Payment with your Money Card

Making a payment with your money card is very easy. With is a card, you can make payment online, in stores, or credit card ATM terminal. The steps below will guide you on how to make a payment with your money card.

  • Check to know if the money on your card can cover what you want to buy.
  • Ensure your card pin is handy.
  • You’ll be given to option to make your payment with. One is to pay with your credit card; the second one is to pay with your debit card. Then select which of the option you want to do.
  • When the item you want to buy is more than your card balance. You can use another option to balance your payment; you’ll be given an alternative payment form. This will help support your Walmart academy balance.

With these steps, you can comfortably make your payment. However, they’re few things every cardholder needs to know and that’s what we’ll be listing here so that you can note them.

  • Make withdrawal with your Walmart card a free money pass.
  • ATM charge for nonsurcharge is.
  • This card balance cannot be reloaded.
  • You can check your balance with your phone at 1-855-498-8692.
How to find Walmart Store on a map

Finding the closest Walmart store is not far from your access. With the google map on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, and your computer device. Let’s show you how you can find the store on your map.

  • Launch maps.
  • You can get your current location by clicking the arrow at the bottom left.
  • Use the search field at the top right. Search for Walmart store or anything you’ll remember about the address.
  • Click on the pin to get more information. Tap on the blue chevron to bring up more information about the chosen store. Check if it has a google street view icon on the left. However, you can see the place and its surrounding.
  • Click on the “direction to here” you can see it at the bottom of the information page. Then select if you’re driving or in a public transit, or walking with the required time you’re supposed to get to your destination.
Places that you can Locate Walmart store in the USA

The information below will help you locate a nearby Walmart store in the United States. Any of this information below will help you find the Walmart store.

  • Longitude
  • Store Name.
  • Zip code.
  • Store No.
  • Stock Ticker.
  • Address
  • Url
  • Phone
  • Open Hour.
  • City
  • States

All this and more will help you locate Walmart stores close to you. We believe this article has helped you to take note of all the things about Walmart. If you have any questions you visit their online store for more inquiries.




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