Waphan | How to Download Free Games, Music, Videos & Apps

Waphan | How to Download Free Games, Music, Videos & Apps

Waphan is an online website or platform where you can download countless numbers (millions) of digital videos, apps, music, games, etc without been charged (free).


To access this platform, you are expected to log in to your device browser and enter the web site at URL www.waphan.com on your phone or PC

Thus, you are to key in all the necessary details you need to access every digital file on the website portal. The portal has different files in different categories depending on the category of the file you want to download or install in your devices.

Different categories in waphan website

1. Apps:– you’re free to download countless apps for free on the waphan.

2.Videos:– You can also choose to download free videos of your choice from any of the categories of video from the waphan website.

3.Games:-There’re more than enough games to enjoy. If you need a free download, click here.
4. Sound effects:– There’ll be plenty of funny free sound FX library to be downloaded here.
5. Photos and pictures:-it contains a lot of backgrounds and thousands of wallpapers and photos for free download.

  1. Animations:- there’re a lot of animations pictures and videos for you to download free without been charged in this site.

7. Photo Gallery:- This contains the most interesting photographs that can be used for different purposes.

  1. Drop play online:- This contains the HTML 5 games that you can play on your personal computer(PC), Tablet, phone, and mac, etc.

The above listed are some of the various categories that are available on waphan.com. As soon as, you log in to the site, on the home page. You’ll see all the categories and sub-categories listed. Enter any of the categories you want to download on the portal and you’ll see all the files on them, choose your favorite categories to want, and click on it.

The Waphan Games for android, iOS, and Java devices

In this site, you can download a lot of games free without been charged. you can’t be limited based on your device, be it Java or iOS, Android, etc. This site/platform supports the 3 platforms when it comes to mobile applications and games. Log in to the waphan site and download, plenty of funny games with a click of a mouse or swipe on your phone or tablet. Use the following steps to download from the website:

i. You can choose from any of the web browsers of your choice, enter the site URL (WWW.Waphan.com)

2. From the home page, scroll down and click on the waphan games

3. Select the category you want and your games will show after a few seconds depending on the strength of your network connection\internet.

4.choose your favorite game and click on the game

  1. in case, you get a subscription message on the page, as it pops up. you can click on subscribe and download it to download your video.

After all, you won’t be charged for any content. Most of the games are free of charge to download.

Applications downloads for Androids

You are free to download applications for your android devices from this website. You are accepted to follow the steps below

  • You’re to Launch your browser with your device
  • Enter the site Url from the service bar of your browser
  • On the homepage, scroll down and click on the ‘’applications’’
  • select the app you want from the category
  • Click on the app and tap the Download icon to start your download from the Google Play store.

You’ll discover 10 categories of good apps on this site such as:

Social or funny– In this place, you’ll see apps such as Facebook, dating apps like tinder, badoo, Mingle2, and others.

Music/photo-In this category, it has apps such as a camera, audio tools, and photo editors.

Dictionaries-It contains apps such as a different dictionary, translators, and other grammar apps like Grammarly app and etc.

MP3 download

In spite of all, You can’t really download MP3 from this site, because the website focused more on games, videos, themes, photos, wallpapers, and apps. Most of the content is adult-related.

Presently, there’s no link to download MP3 yet. In the nearest future, I think the inventor \developers will get mp3 on this site. In case, you need an MP3, you can visit waptrick.com to download your mp3 for free.

How   to download free on www.Waphan.com

You can always download files from this website for free only if you know how to do it. So I’ll be showing the easiest steps on how to download free music, videos, games, and other files from Waphan.com.

Most people find it difficult to download movies, music, and other entertaining files from the web. But if you follow these steps below, you’ll find the easiest way to download files for free on waphan.com.

Steps to download for free on Waphan .com

If you want to download files such as Mp3 music, video, games, apps, song lyrics, and so on, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Visit the website at www.waphan.com
  2. Choose your favorite category of what you want to download. Eg, music lyrics, apps, videos, games, etc.
    3. Click on the game, you’ll see different kinds of game categories such as Fun Games for Kids, Arcade Games, Battle Games, Racing Games.  Most downloaded Games, etc. click on the type of games you want. After which the list of that particular type of game will open and there are countless games on the pages, just in case you do not like what you are seeing at that moment. You free to check for others.
    4. For instance, you are permitted to select/ choose your favorite game that interests you by clicking on the game’s name. This will take you to the download page.

5. Clicking on the download button to start downloading your files. From there, you get your songs or movies to your devices.

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Others ways you can  Download MP3 Songs, Game, Application, Songs Lyrics  other than using the Waphan.com

There are other ways you can download whatever you wish to download. You can do that via the Search Box, thus, you can only use this option when you know what you are looking for.

To use the search box, all you have to do is to fill in the name of what you want to download and locate it and continue with your download.

I hope you’ll understand these steps easily and also explore other downloads platforms. easy to understand or comprehend this time. If there be any means of complications or confusion and the rest of then. Feel free to use the comment box below to tender your report.

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