website builder rankings – 12 Tips to Improve Your Website

website builder rankings – 12 Tips to Improve Your Website

website builder rankings – Everyone likes being impressed for the first time. That is why it’s to make a first and lasting impression on anything you do.

website builder rankings

Tips to Improve Your Website- website builder rankings

Your Website is probably the best and biggest platform for getting your business and market to the world.

If your Website is doing good and gets to the heart of visitors, you’re on your way to real-time traffic.

But if at first, the visitor didn’t flow with the site, there is a chance they may never come back.

Apart from designing a great and sophisticated Website, it’s also important to make it user-friendly.

To get more traffic you’ve to keep your visitors. To do that, you’ve to improve your Website.

12 Tips to Improve and Boost Your Website

There are different ways to improve your Website and earn more traffic and income.

Below are some of the best tips for you to use:

Make Use of White Space.


Increase Your Website Speed.

Use Attractive and Irresistible Headlines.

Use the Right Image and Photos.

Implement Call to Action.

Mobile-Friendly and Optimization.

Make Your Website Active.

Upgrade Your Themes, Background, and Fonts.

Use Visible Link.

Social Media Sharing.

Create a Sense of Community.

Make Use of White Space

This is one of the basic tools that’ll improve your Website.

It makes your website more legible and it makes your visitor be able to focus on the content and elements.

Its benefit is that it improves the readability of your content.

To do this, simply delete and remove unnecessary elements and content.


This is one other thing that most people don’t pay attention to on their website.

The benefits are that it helps the user to find what they are looking for easily.

It also makes your website rank in terms of search engines.

If users can’t see a way of finding what they want, then they just have to leave your webpage.

Increase your navigation and your search engine properly and you’ll be able to keep your visitors.

Increase Your Website Speed

It also matters a lot to your visitors. No one likes time delay.

Time, they say is money so when a visitor can’t access your website in time they switch to another better alternative.

You can improve speed by compressing your website’s images.

But there are also other apps and software that helps to check this. After checking it they’ll suggest how to fix it.

PageSpeed and GTmetrix are some of the best website speed checkers.

Use Attractive and Irresistible Headlines

The contents of your site is one of the most important part of it.

But before one can access those contents, they must first see the headline.

If your headlines and keywords are irresistible the viewers, readers, and visitors will want to check it out.

If the headline is unattractive, there is no way it will draw the attention of the reader.

Use the Right Image and Photos

This remains one of the ways of passing information.

When putting up content and articles on your site, make sure you’re using the right photo.

Implement Call to Action

Sometimes when a person visits a webpage, they get lost on what to do next.

This is where Call to Action comes into place. It is what tells your visitor what to do next or where to go next.

It can be included in your pages and the article of your website to guide its reader and visitor.

Some examples include; click here for more information, watch the video, click here to download, and lots.

It is a very important tool for your website.

Mobile-Friendly and Optimization

Most people spend more time on their phones. And that means that your site should be accessible with those mobile phones.

You’ve to make sure that your website is not only accessible via a laptop or desktop.

So, it’s very good to make sure your website works properly on smartphones as it works well on desktops.

Make Your Website Active

To improve your website and make it rank, you’ve to be active on it.

This is done by posting content and updating it regularly. Wipe away old contents and stock them with new ones.

Upgrade Your Themes, Background, and Fonts

Changing the look of your website once in a while or regularly is also a way to improve it.

To change the look, just simply update the Theme color, Background design, and fonts.

This will make your site more appealing.

Use Visible Link

When you post content on your websites, some have a link that redirects to other sites or platforms.

Those links must be very clear and shouldn’t give the wrong redirection.

When the link is visible it makes the reader notice it.

Social Media Sharing

One other tool that can improve your website is that you can add social media account on the homepage.

This is to allow easy share on various social media platforms.

Some visitors may see the content they like and want to share it on their social media account.

If they can’t find it, it may lead to them leaving your site.

The other good thing about it is that it brings more visitors to your website. When they click the link that has been shared on social media.

Create a Sense of Community

Most of the time, visitors to your website make it a thing to know the owner.

Make sure your system of commenting and communication is robust.