What is Internship – How to find a place of  Internship?

What is Internship – How to find a place for an Internship?

What is Internship -As a student or an aspiring student, you must have heard about internships. Well, you don’t need to bother too much about what it means if you don’t know or you have forgotten. The internship is a word that most students in colleges are very conversant with. Most students that go for an internship look up to it as a turning point in their course.

What is internship

It’s a period that every intern will love to explore. Hopes are always high and many take advantage of it to move to the next level of their career. If you make the right use of your internship, you’ll come really well and prepared in your course of study.

What is internship?

So, let’s hit the ball at the head with the meaning of an internship. An internship is simply a short-term work experience that companies and other organizations provide to people. It’s a work experience usually for students. it doesn’t really offer entry-level exposure to a particular industry or its field. For students, it’s a learning experience just as the work is.

The real deal is that interns really spend their time working on important projects as they learn about the field. While on internship, they’ll have to make industry connections as well as developing both hard and soft skills. Amazingly, internships can sometimes lead to full-time job offers.

Types of Internships -What is Internship

Internships can vary in several ways such as:

  1. Summer internships
  2. Fall and Spring internships

Summer internships-What is internships

I’ll like to say a little about the summer internships. This kind of internship is just typically 40 hours a week over 10 to 12 weeks. However, fall and spring internships vary, but are always part-time, though not all.

Importance of Internships

It’s good to know what an internship is. Also, knowing the importance is also very vital so that the use isn’t abused. Well, it’s only for fun to work in a company where you’re not a full professional. It offers interns the opportunity to get a pretty good idea of the industry and also work with the industry long-time professionals.

Working as an intern will provide students the opportunity to meet and learn from the pros. From there, they can build their own network. Just from Interns, students can grow to a seasoned businessman and a leader.

Being in an internship will help you decide what you want to do. In if you like the job as an intern, you can decide to settle for it or better get something else to do. This will give you chance to know the kind of job you’ll search for when you graduate.

You can try other things without much commitment. But you’ll now know what you can commit yourself to. Well, interns can use this period to try few things and know what works and work doesn’t.

Not only do employers want interns, they expect them to be useful at their place of work.

After schooling, it offers applicants much experience to get competitive jobs out there. These skills are easy to acquire because companies use the intents talents as pipelines to fill their full-time. Most employers use internships for a lot of things.

It can serve as a super-extended interview and for some training program. Hiring interns is a smart way to hire for open roles.

It’s a clear way of saying that interns can easily walk into their senior years with job offers in hand.

When you engage in an internship, you’ll find it easy to integrate in the world when you get a job.

Payments for interns

Intern’s payment is another thing that bothers students too. But whether or not they’re paid you’ll surely learn a lot from the experience. For the payments, let me show you around about the intern’s payment.

Payments for interns really vary depending on the industry. The tech and finance companies seem to pay higher. However, Fashion, journalism, and most non-profit companies pay lower or sometimes none.

The National Association of college employers (NACE), 56.7% of graduating seniors in 2017  got paid internships. But in  2014, 43.3% weren’t paid. In 2018, those paid made an average of about $18.50 an hour. The doctoral students made an average of $32.35 an hour.

Payment for short-term workers

Most short-term works don’t get health or similar benefits with the full-time employees. However, this depends on the industry and the company size. Also, they can offer perks that range from a handful of social events or vacation days that can cover their relocation and as well as housing.

The Unpaid Internships

We all have the belief that people should be paid for their work. However, it’s a controversial belief. The U.S Fair Labor standards Act agrees to this.  Despite this, while does the unpaid internship exist.

The main reason for this is that most of the unpaid interns actually or in most cases learn the work rather than work experiences. There’s a seven-point test from the Department of Labor to tell between an employee and an unpaid intern.

How to find an internship

From the above, you now know what is internship. Let’s through in some light on how to find an internship. If you’re wondering, here is how to find an internship.

  • The use of Campus Resources-There’s a lot of information on the campus career center. You’ll always figure out from it how to attend career fairs and partake in on-campus recruiting. Some schools can provide students with a job board for them to search from. You can explore this opportunity.
  • Use Online

Well, the web is full of tons of resources online. You can get a lot of chances from adverts from companies that need interns. Searching online can give you specific details on the kind of job internship you want.

  • Finding a favorite organization – I know that most people, if not everyone has their dream companies. But for those that don’t have any company in mind, I advise you go check out the company first. One of the easiest ways to get a place for the internship is to follow your favorite companies up.
  • You’ll achieve this by following the company up on their social media handles and all the avenues to reach the company. Once you do this, you’ll easily get news about new intake or opportunities to apply as an intern.