what is social networking sites | Social Media for Business

what is social networking sites | Social Media for Business

Popular Question -what is social networking sites –Social Network Sites is the new approach to advertising. Over the past 50 years, it keeps evolving.

what is social networking sites

From the days of newspapers to mass media(radio and cinema), television to the internet and e-mail. Now, social networking.

With advanced technology, customers now control the media message they want to be exposed to.

The option of watching television programs and listening to the radio without viewing advertisement is available.

You can also alter your mailboxes so that Spam mail goes directly to the junk folder. In addition, minimizing advert pop-ups when surfing the internet. Marketers are forced to consider another form of marketing to reach target customers in new ways.

Advertising is growing and technology changes. However, it’s people who now have absolute control and editing skills to filter what they want to get.

Social network sites now make up 4 out of every 5 ads people view online. As top sites deliver high reach and frequency against target segments at low cost, advertisers are eager to use them.

Uses of Social Media Networking Sites

  • It can be used to gain new customers.
  • Also, it can be used to keep in touch with current customers.
  • It can be used to promote new products, sales/offers, and events.

Improve your Business With Social Media Network Sites

There are many features on each site that companies or brands can employ to promote their business.

You can post links, videos, pictures, fan pages, groups, and even ads on some sites. Businesses can create generic pages like standard users. Once this is done, friends can be gathered and a network created.

Social media networking sites are growing by the day with new ones being launched every year.

Sites like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn are excellent marketing tools for businesses.

What Social Networking is and it’s Benefits

It’s defined as developing a social network and relationships based on similar interests and views. Also, Provides users  the option of socializing without leaving home.

It gives people the opportunity to communicate with other individuals all around the world who share common interests.