WhatsApp Business app | WhatsApp Business 2.18.131 for Android users

WhatsApp Business app is for all WhatsApp users, mostly for those who owns and runs their business(s) for effective communication with their customers and has needed to grow their business to the next Level.

WhatsApp Business app

Grow your business with WhatsApp business app

It’s created to help Whatsapp business users to reach a number of customers/clients using the Whatsapp Platform. You can have the Whatsapp Business messenger installed on your device and have it registered with different numbers. This will work perfectly provided you have a separate business and other personal phone numbers. Having these two numbers will help you to maintain your business as well as your social life.

Benefits of Using WhatsApp Business Application

The Whatsapp business is made to meet the following needs for the Users:

WhatsApp business app comes with business messaging tool that helps users to be more responsive to all their       Users can use messages to keep their customers informed.

It has a business profile for the user to create their business This will help their customers to find their information valuable and interesting to patronize them.

Users can effectively respond to their customers via their computer browser

Landline users can also benefit from using their phone numbers to reach customers. Their customers can message them using their number. You’ll choose  ‘’call me’’ option during the verification, and you can get the code sent to you over a phone call

Helps business owners to respond better to their customers via messages on their multimedia, free calls and       other free  international messaging such as group chat  online messages and so on

How to Create a WhatsApp Business Profile using the WhatsApp Business Application

  • Go to Google Play store and search for WhatsApp business app and download the app
  • Click on it to create your account using your business phone number (mobile after downloading the app).
  • Enter your business
  • details via- Settings> Business Settings> Profile with this details like your business name, address, contact details you can create your profile

The WhatsApp Business Setup

  • Go to Settings> Business Settings> and then, check the messaging  options
  • You’ll see 3 prompts –Away message, greeting message, and Quick replies. But you can choose the one you want

How to Use the WhatsApp business for Business

The Outline steps below will help you to make the best use of your WhatsApp Business App. Also, to maximize the features of the App:

Updates: It enables you to send updates timely to all you customers concerning your business. You can use it to notify your customers about new products, services that are upcoming.

Direct Support: Through the App, you can give direct support or more personal commitment to a customer depending on the need. You can be easily notified of a customers need through the customers’ queries or via photos sent to you.

Adding a label to your conversation: Adding a label to your conversation will help you to have interaction with more large numbers of users at the same time.

Using the WhatsApp business App on your Desktop and Web Browser

You can use the Whatsapp Business App on your Desktop to chat with a large audience or Followers. It’s good for messaging to reach more people and for the promotion of your business using the Platform.