WhatsApp Web Dark Mode – How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode

WhatsApp Web Dark Mode – How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode

  Hey! What is that rumor you are hearing about WhatsApp web Dark Mode? Of course, many already waiting for it to show up, but the good news is this could be true.

whatsapp web dark mode

However, though so many know how to make use of the dark mode feature on their WhatsApp with Smartphone how about a web version? So, if you have waited to make use of the night mode feature on WhatsApp web then you should have your ears here.

Thus, that same thing you do on your Smartphone can or cannot be done also on the web as we confirm later on this page. So, this page will be telling us more about dark mode for PCs; how real could this be.

What is WhatsApp Dark Mode?

Dark Mode is simply a feature designed for Smartphone users. This feature meant well for users because of the damages you may cause to your health status. Of course, Smartphone is almost the first and last thing we lay hold on to daily. It’s a way to reduce eye problems concerning staying long on your phone while chatting with friends. Of course, that is unavoidable.

How it works is to turn the background of the homepage to be black while only the characters are highlighted. So, no more straining your eyes from too much white light coming from the background on your screen!

Furthermore, the dark mode feature helps to save the battery life of your phone.

WhatsApp Web Dark Mode

We waited for it, hoped for it. So, is WhatsApp web dark mode available? However, so many who are in making use of WhatsApp make use of this feature on their phone, not on WhatsApp web. So, the big deal is how to continue making use of it on PCs. Just hang on, as we will drive you around how to initiate this feature into the PC WhatsApp version if possible.

If you are a busy type with your PC, you would be so used to WhatsApp web. Thus, it gives you a singular focus while you do other things with your computer online. So, making it interesting is a better way to keep them in touch and they have always looked forward to it.

Hear this; is the Dark mode feature available on the WhatsApp web? The answer is typically NO! There is no such thing as WhatsApp web. If you have thought about it or heard about it, then you need to confirm it now because it’s fake. The reason is simple!

Don’t think that it is a location-based challenge or some worth of manipulations that will cause this feature to work. Thus, it is simply because the company has not launched this package yet.

Nevertheless, those who make use of smartphones have access to the dark mode feature. Of course, it is free to use, with no charge attached to it. In other words, all you have to do is to turn it on. But, if you don’t know how to do that then you should stay on for more information. That is, how it works, how to turn it on both on iOS and Android smartphones.

How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode

You can turn on the dark mode feature if it’s on your WhatsApp messenger. Follow the below steps to do that:

  • Launch your WhatsApp on your Smartphone.
  • Find the menu button and click on the “settings” tab.
  • Afterward, hit on “Chats”.
  • Select “Theme” from the list of options.
  • Turn on the Dark Mode.

Dark mode turn on – iOS 13

You can also turn on the dark mode feature on your iOS phone. But, this could be something different. This time around, the dark mode will take effect when you turn on the effect from the phone settings. Thus, the entire phone will respond to a dark mode including your WhatsApp messenger.

  • Launch your phone and move to the settings of your iOS phone.
  • Move to “Display & Brightness”.
  • From both options, tap on “Dark”.