www.syncmyride.com Login | Activate SYNC Connect Ford Pass | Activate SYNC Connect Ford Pass


www.syncmyride.com Login | Activate SYNC Connect Ford Pass

The www.syncmyride.com login is your access to activation and other things. Most of the things we do today are influenced by the level of information we can access.

www.syncmyride.com Login

In the same vein, the newly introduced SYNC Connect. This allows Ford vehicle owners to stay connected in ways that make information and remote access very easy.

And also as well as staying connected with every other device; smartphone, PC, and other gadgets that need the internet to stay connected.

FordPass rolled out various amazing features for Ford vehicle owners. It is a powerful way to connect to your vehicle.

Doing so remotely with the SYNC Connect Wi-Fi Hotspot, SYNC AppLink, FordPass Connect, Waze and Ford+Alexa, and lots more.

How to Activate FordPass SYNC Connect-www.syncmyride.com Login

To activate your SYNC connect with your Smartphone and Ford pass is very simple and easy. Although you will need to stay connected with the latest SYNC Connect App.

To do so, you will need to download FordPass App on your smartphone app store. It could be Google Play for Android users and Apple App Store for iOS users. The following steps will help you through the activation of your SYNC connect;

  1. Visit your smartphone App store.
  2. Using the search bar, search the Ford pass App.
  3. Download the App.
  4. Open the App and login with your Ford owner account credentials; account username and password.
  5. Don’t have a Ford Owner account yet, visit com/activate;
  6. Tap on the register/sign-in link at the top right side of the page.
  7. Navigate and tap on “Create an Account.”
  8. Fill in the registration details required.

FordPass with FordPass Connect App

After successfully downloading the Fordpass App on your App Store, here’s what’s next. For those who don’t have a Ford owner’s account; first, create an account using the above instructions. The Next thing is to connect your Fordpass through Fordpass connect App. Follow the steps below to do so;

  1. After login on to the App.
  2. Add your SYNC equipped vehicle.
  3. Go to the My Vehicles Card
  4. Click on Add Vehicle
  5. To add a second vehicle click the plus button; that’s if you have a second Ford vehicle to add.
  6. Scan the VIN barcode by selecting the Use Camera tab and point your phone’s camera to the VIN label located on your vehicle’s driver door sill
  7. You’ll get a scanned successfully screen
  8. Assign a vehicle nickname then click Finish
  9. A screen directing you to activate SYNC Connect by touching the Activate SYNC Connect button will appear.
  10. After a few minutes go to your vehicle to start it
  11. You will see a notice pop up on the SYNC 3 touch screen – “Your name has requested to be the Ford Owner account owner for this vehicle.
  12. Select Allow to enable the full set of Ford Owner features which includes vehicle location and other information.”

Ensure you do select Allow in the pop up within 10 startups.If you don’t, you will not gain access to remote features. As a result, you will need to reactivate from the beginning. Once you do after a short period of time all remote features can be accessed. This will be from your smartphone’s FordPass Vehicle Controls Card

Ford SYNC Features

  1. SYNC Connect Wi-Fi Hotspot
  2. SYNC Connect Fordpass
  3.   Then SYNC AppLink
  4. Ford+Alexa
  5. SYNC 3 Android – Apple CarPlay