Yahoo Account Key | Simple Setup Guide for your Yahoo Account Key

Yahoo Account Key | Simple Setup Guide for your Yahoo Account Key

Do you know that there is an alternative to keeping and saving your passwords on every device you log in your Yahoo Account?

Yahoo Account Key

Well, there is an easier alternative for your yahoo login. Which is the Yahoo Account Key. This security feature can let you access sign in to your account instead of using the password.

This makes login easier and securely, as it makes you not need to save in your password on devices instead of with just a tap on your mobile phone. It is safe and secured, and easy to use.

More details about the yahoo account key will be given as the article progresses.

Yahoo Account Key

Yahoo account key is a login feature that makes signing into your yahoo account easier. With this login feature, you can simply login on a new device with your mobile phone instead of imputing your password.

What this simply means that anytime you try to log in, you will require the use of your mobile phone. It is simple and it is secured.


Why the need for a yahoo account key.

Now in case you are wondering why you need a yahoo account key, we are going to list a few reasons.

  • It is simple:- this is the main reason, now you don’t have to worry about entering that super long password. Due to our fear of data hack or theft, most individuals have used complex passwords. Luckily with the key system, you can ignore that.
  • Security:- this is another reason and it is also a major reason as well. It is essentially secured as it requires the use of your mobile phone which is on your person most times.

Well, those are the major reason why the yahoo key is important. There are a bunch of other reasons but we will only explore them in bits as we go on in this article.

Yahoo Account sign-up

If you don’t have a yahoo account, which means you will be unable to use this awesome feature. Well, this part will be listing the steps on creating an account.

If you don’t have a Yahoo account yet, then here are the steps through which you can sign up for a Yahoo Account. It can be used similarly to the Google account.

  • Go to the URL
  • Click on Sign In.
  • Then from the suggested mails if provided click on create an account.
  • Provide your First name, Last name, Email address, Password, Mobile phone number, Birthdate, and Gender.
  • Click on Continue.
  • Verify your account by providing the code sent to your mobile number.
  • After this, your account will be verified and your Yahoo Account will be displayed on the platform

How to Setup Account Key from a web browser

Setting up your Yahoo Account Key is easy. All you need is the Yahoo app on your mobile device, then, you can sign into the app. Follow the steps below to set up the account key:

  • open your web browser.
  • Enter the URL link
  • Sign in to your Yahoo account by providing your username and password.
  • If you don’t have a Yahoo Account Key before then a prompt will appear on the platform titles “Get Yahoo Account Key”.your current account.
  • Download any Yahoo mobile app on your mobile device. You can get any of the following; Yahoo Mail, Fantasy, Finance, Yahoo Newsroom, or others for your Android or iOS phone or tablet.
  • Sign in your Yahoo account on any of the app downloaded on your mobile device.
  • make sure you sign in into the app as same as the Yahoo account signed on the web browser.
  • Click on “Done Let’s try again” from the Get Yahoo Account Key prompt on your web browser.
  • This will automatically sync to your signed-in account on any of the Yahoo apps on a device (you will see a message that says “Great! Sign in as……. on a mobile phone”).
  • Click on Send me a notification.
  • The notification will get to your device when you sign in
  • Tap on the mark sign to notify Yes to give access to unauthorized sign-in.
  • After setting up your Yahoo Account Key.

Sign in with Account Key

For the Account Key operation to work, here is the step to make use of it after setting it up:

  • Go to the Yahoo sign-in page via this link
  • Provide your Yahoo ID (username and password), then click on Next.
  • A notification will be sent to your Account Key enabled device.
  • Tap the notification or open the app and tap the Account Key icon on your device.
  • Then tap on the Approve icon.
  • You might need to enter or tap a verification code to confirm, and this will give an authorized sign-in to the Yahoo sign-in page.