Yandex mail | Get Yandex mail On Android And iOS | Download Yandex App

Yandex mail | Get Yandex mail On Android And iOS | Download Yandex App

It may amaze you to know that Yandex App is the solution to all your email problems. You can actually do a lot with it. The app on iOS and Android is about the Russain app which can work on Android and iOS devices.  Below is what Yandex is.



It’s a Russian Multinational corporation that’s unique in products that do with the internet.  As well as, the Yandex podium is a concern with, search, transportation, navigation,eCommerce, mobile apps, and also online advertising.  It’s a company that gives more than 50 service users also.

Yandex Mail

Mind you, the Yandex app works both on Android and iOs devices. It’s an email that gives users unstop storage space for messages.  Yandex Mail includes functions as reminders, ecards, messages templates, keyboard shortcuts, etc.

The email service is like Gmail; but, the difference is the unstoppable storage space it gives. It’s safe, smart, and well personalized.

The app has different apps for iOS and Android Smartphones. Below is the list of some off Yandex app you can get, Yandex browser, Mail, Translate, Disk, Music, maps, Navi, etc.

In this, app each one of it has its own function and components.

Therefore the app gives users immediate answers to all their questions like the weather forecast, current traffic, breaking news, currency rates, TV listings, etc.

For instance, all you will do is type, speak, or upload a picture to find answers.

The things you can do with Yandex :
  • It can be used to check weather forecasts and traffic.
  • Follow up on the event close to you. read the headlines about economics, politics, science. Sports, and so on.
  • You can use the map to see the place that’s close or far.
  • You can also search using your voice.
  • A prediction search will help you get answers.
  • To arrange your home, cook, or anything else .you can use an image, video to do what you wish.
  • Keep up with a mailbox
  • Read QR codes with an inbuilt scanner on the app.

It as well gives you guidelines for cooking or listens to any music you want on the radio.

Yandex app is built with Alice’s voice assistant. You can as well, use it as the default assistant on the device. You can set reminders or alarms, etc.  For you to set up Alice ass voice default assistant, open the setting on your device and click on “input” and select Yandex as default.

There is how you can download the App on Android below and it’s free.

  • Fire up your Google play store and search the app
  • Click on the app from the result of your search.
  • Download or install once the information has loaded.

Complete the requirements to proceed and start using.

How to download the app on iOS

It can work on iPhone and iPads. So, here are the ways to get it into your device.

  • Open your apple app store and enter the app name on the search button.
  • Click on the app once the search result have load.
  • Lastly, press on “install” to get it into your device.