YouTube Ad Campaign | How to Set Up YouTube Ad Campaigns

YouTube Ad Campaign | How to Set Up YouTube Ad Campaigns

YouTube Ad Campaign is designed for every YouTuber who wants to develop. If you’re looking at how to take advantage of YouTube and use it for advertisement.

Youtube ad campaign

Or are you searching for a guide on what to do about the right procedure for a successful YouTube Ads Campaign? You’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll give you the ultimate guide on how to set up a YouTube ads campaign.

How To Set Up Youtube Ad Campaign

Before we go ahead, you need to have a Google AdWords and YouTube account.  Therefore, ensure you upload a video that is of high quality and clear because viewers would not respond to an ad of poor quality.

  1. Link Your Youtube Channel

First login to your Google AdWords account and click on the spanner icon on the top of the page and select “linked account” from the dropdown menu.

On the following page scroll and find YouTube and click on details. At this point, you can then add your YouTube channel URL link by clicking the red “+channel” button to add.

  1. Create Your Campaign

This is the next step. Simply follow the steps below to create a YouTube ads Campaign;

  • While on your AdWords dashboard, click on the Campaigns tab on the left, click on the blue + button to create a new campaign.
  • Click add video
  • Enter a name for your campaign in the campaign name field.
  • Set your budget based on your field, you can choose a daily budget or a budget for the whole campaign.
  • After which you proceed to select how long you want the campaign to run by using the “start” and  “stop” dates for your campaign.
  • 3.Choose Your Network

By making a choice from the different networks provided by YouTube, you determine where you want your ads to run. The list of all the network options provided by YouTube on which you can run your ads are as follows:

  • YouTube search results: This option is best for use when you are running discovery ads. Therefore, it shows the ads when a user searches for videos.
  • YouTube videos: Here your ad shows before the video plays and it is considered to be the best option overall.
  • Video partners on the display network: You can select this option if you want your ad to run on your partner sites outside of YouTube.
  1. Choose Your Language & Location

Just under the network tab, you can choose the language and locations to narrow down your target audience. Additionally, you can choose the devices and operating systems you want your ads to show on, but this is optional as the ads show on all devices by default.

  1. Choose Your Bidding

Importantly, you need to choose how much you’ll be willing to pay any time someone watches your ad. There are different strategies forbidding set out by YouTube. Remember that increasing your bid would generate more traffic for you but ensure you select a bid that’s comfortable for you. The most recommended option is the “Maximum Cost per View” which is used to determine the maximum you’re willing to pay for a viewer to click on your ad.

  1. Set Your Frequency

You also need to set the frequency on the number of times your ad can be shown to a user. Under the frequency capping, adjust the frequency cap in the range of 1-5 so you don’t overrun the ad for the user.

7. Create An Ad Group To Upload Your Video

You can now go-ahead to create an ad group name and then set your bid amount. Once you copy and paste your YouTube video URL link, go ahead to select the video ad format either “in-stream or video discovery ad”. Now you may proceed to customize your target audience and the methods of targeting.

Finally, click on save ad group and you’re good to go.

One final note, ensure you monitor your YouTube ads campaign to see the progress being made.