Zoom Chromebook:  Zoom app on Chromebook Tips

Zoom Chromebook:  Zoom app on Chromebook Tips

Zoom Chromebook will be arriving soon as a PWA. Meanwhile, video conferencing has always been the game name since the previous year.  Also, Zoom has almost become synonymous with it.

zoom app chromebook

Zoom App Chromebook

Google has continued to push Chromebooks as the best devices available for work and study. However,  it might not be equipped to take on several demands of heavy video chats.  Both are available in terms of hardware and especially software.

It has been observed that Google would land on Chromebooks and other amazing similar platforms that are to be available in full.

We’re expecting this to take place soon when zoom launches a dedicated app finally for Chromebooks on the Google Play Store.

About Zoom on Chrome OS

To make it clearer, it’s possible to make use of Zoom on Chrome OS devices for quite some times now. However, anyone that is making use of the interface on the web, will testify to how the experience is unsatisfying.

Also, note that it lacks some features that might be very useful. For example, break-out rooms and audio in screen sharing, some things that happen to become more common when making use of video conferencing tools for remote work.

Furthermore, zoom recently announced, rather silently even, that it may just come to Chromebook in its full glory. And this will be possible through the Google Play Store.

It might interest you to know that it won’t be a native Chrome OS app either in an Android App. But it’s interesting at hitting as so many birds with only one stone.

You might be asking stone? How? Yes, the stone in this phrase means a Progressive Web App or PWA.

Yes, that’s what we mean. In case you want to understand more about this, then read on

Zoom on Google Playstore App- Zoom App Chromebook

Well, do you know that Google also happens to be pushing for PWAs to become available on its Play Store? And also Zoom’s name could lend more credibility to those efforts.

Oh yes, that’s true, for all wishes and Purposes, Zoom can be installed like an Android or PWA app. Also, it would act like Zoom on other platforms.

However, it also includes some features like customizable Gallery views, live Transcription, Raise Hand, and reactions. All of these are some of the features that you might see.

We also want you to know that zoom also recently released a window on the ARM version. This version is for its client for the last few days. Also, they also intend in making it one of the biggest names that have a native ARM version for Windows.

Zoom has also observed that this version doesn’t support virtual backgrounds and does not state when or if it would become available. Are you interested in this? It’ll soon be out and available for you to download.

Just like we’ve explained, it’ll soon be out and available for you to download just as you wish.